Dubai Maritime City strengthens its position as a global destination for maritime industries

Al Suwaidi: Our goal is to feature the UAE as a global hub for innovative maritime industries and the preferred destination for all companies    
DMC exerted its utmost efforts to move forward with the maritime sector and to place Dubai amongst the world’s maritime hubs. This was achieved by attracting industry leaders to Dubai through creating an ambitious approach and building a suitable environment for investments   
By Effat Mostafa
Dubai Maritime City aims, through its prime location in the heart of Dubai, at being a global hub for innovative maritime industries and to be a preferred destination for international companies who are looking for an integrated environment suitable for growth and sustainability.  DMC is the sole specialized maritime cluster in all UAE and GCC that covers all marine industry needs under one umbrella, such as ship repair for steel, wooden and offshore vessels, yacht manufacturing, marine suppliers, engineering and technical expertise. It also provides an entire infrastructure that includes shiplifts, workshops, warehouses, shops and offices. All DMC facilities are complied with environment friendly and high security standards and procedures to ensure maximum safety for invertors’ assets and business structures. 
Eng. Ali Al Suwaidi, the General Manager of Dubai Maritime City, emphasized that DMC has the infrastructure and the quality to attract various companies working in the maritime sector and provide excellent services and facilities in line with Dubai’s vision to be a world leader in its field and a multi-purpose maritime center to establish a unique international maritime community. He clarified “Sustainable development means activating all the economic sectors in the country. This requires preparing to embrace changes coming in the future and to be ready for the post-oil phase. Moreover, we are approaching our main goal of making Dubai a global economic center and a destination for creative caliber.” 
Global strategic partnerships
As part of its commitment to support its partners and creating new investment opportunities, DMC provides integrated marine services, focusing on maritime industries in particular, in order to be a prime service provider for all the major operators in the maritime sector. These services include management, marketing, education, marine leisure and shipbuilding and design. 
Al Suwaidi highlighted “We are keen on improving the efficiency of the maritime sector in Dubai by developing the level of cooperation and coordination with our partners in the industry locally, regionally and internationally. We also aim at connecting all parties in the maritime sector in a single network, where they can unite efforts to achieve best performance and to keep up with the country’s progress towards enhancing diversity in the structure of the national economy.”
Furthermore, DMC has also managed to develop a well-established industrial precinct that is active and consists of marine services primarily dealing with ship lifts, ship repair plots, warehouses, workshops, as well as supporting retail and showrooms. A 1270 m stretch of wet berthing has been available in this precinct alongside with 42 dry berths of various covered and open sizes. This area also contains 19 ship repair plots and three ship lifts with the capacity of 700, 3000 and 6000 tons each in addition to more than 200 workshops and warehouses. DMC has succeeded in increasing its occupancy rate to 66.87% achieving growth rates of 21% during 2017 compared to 2015 and 2016.