Abyss Solutions intends to automate the subsea operations


Composed of a team of experts in the areas of marine robotics, civil and geotechnical engineering, the company provides water asset inspection integrated with 3D visualization

Abyss Solutions, founded by scientists Dr Nasir Ahsan, Masood Naqshbandi, Hina Ahsan and Abraham Kazzaz, combines expertise in marine robotics, machine learning, civil engineering and data analytics to build solutions that enable its clients to manage a wide range of underwater assets including Australian navy ships.

During his exclusive interview with Marasi News, Dr.Nassir Ahsan emphasized, “We have established our company in 2014 aiming to employ the latest technology in underwater operations. Our focus is to give asset managers accurate and detailed information of their asset that they can implement effective asset management plans. The way we achieve this is by combining machine learning, robotics and optics to produce an integrated solution to asset inspections, monitoring, and surveying.”

Abyss Solutions provides an end-to-end service from data acquisition to condition assessment for assets such as bridges, dams, reservoirs, waterways and any other water based assets, including ship hulls, submerged pipelines and oil and gas rigs. The data is collected systematically over the entire asset above and underwater. Each image is geo-tagged, allowing faults and features of interest to be precisely located.

Ahsan added, “Our detailed and interactive condition assessments can be integrated with 3D visualizations of the asset above and underwater, facilitating and improving asset management decision making. Abyss also works in collaboration with industry partners, including engineering and environmental consultants to provide a comprehensive range of services.”

Implementing latest technology for accurate data analysis

According to Ahsan, improvements in the quality of data that operators companies from inspections will help them to make more informed decisions on the risk to assets, and therefore potentially move to “Risk Based Inspection” methodologies, which he believes can provide “significant operational improvements and efficiencies”.

While this technology has already been proven for subsea inspections, Ahsan pointed out that the primary challenge now is to ensure that the tools can be reliably deployed in the splash zone. "Our goal is to deliver a more cost-effective solution that meets the financial requirements of the customer.  We also envisage that, by our interactive Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) System, multiple work scopes can be completed simultaneously, thus eliminating additional equipment mobilizations and costs," he added.

Regarding the offshore market, the autonomous high-resolution condition assessment service that Abyss has developed, the clients will benefit by reducing dry-docking time for jackup rigs through comprehensive multimodal inspection data as well as a tracking of these asset over successive inspections.

Expansion to the ME market

“Abyss Solutions” and Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” have recently signed a cooperation agreement aims to implement Abyss’ innovative underwater inspection systems, which incorporates advanced data analytics, in the United Arab Emirates market. With this partnership, Abyss will be expanding its commercialization drive into the offshore oil and gas segment of the UAE after successfully entering into the water infrastructure market in the United States.

Commenting on the agreement, Ahsan explained, “We are very excited to partner with Tasneef, which shares our vision to introduce the best and latest technology innovations for underwater inspection to the UAE. We are optimistic that we will deliver great results in the most strategic and collaborative way possible.”

Eng.Waleed Al Tamimi, General Manager of Tasneef Maritime commented, “Since establishment, we are committed to our clients to provide safe, sustainable and reliable World-class services through application of modern science and technology ensuring the maximization of their full business potential. That’swhy, I’m very confident about our partnership with Abyss as it will enhance our clients’ operations to be more efficient with cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions.”

Ahsan added, “We believe our digital approach to asset management and inspection will help utilities understand the condition of their assets, better allowing them to make more informed decisions on budget planning, maintenance prioritization and avoiding unexpected failures. At the same time our machine learning algorithms will make this process much faster, accurate and consistent while allowing work to be done cost-effectively at large scale.”