Shipbuilder Halter Marine orders Inrotech welding robots


A set of welding robots will help Halter Marine to improve productivity as it ramps up to build the U.S. Coast Guard’s new Polar Security Cutter (PSC).

Denmark-based Inrotech said it will deliver its Inrotech-MicroTwin, Inrotech-Classic and Inrotech-Crawler to the the Pascagoula, Miss. shipyard in early 2021.

Inrotech’s automated robot welding solution is customized according to Halter Marine’s production needs to efficiently weld components of the 460-foot Polar Security Cutter along with other oceangoing vessels, the company said. The advanced welding solution brings increased capability in automated welding, the improved manufacturing quality of shipbuilding and streamlined production processes while reducing the need for costly rework, it added.

Halter Marine won the PSC construction contract in 2019, and the shipbuilder is currently in the process of enhancing its facilities as it gears up for the major build program. Last year, the shipyard took delivery of a new plasma cutter, and it is currently in the process of upgrading the launch way where the PSC will be constructed. It also launched an apprenticeship program and is actively adding staff to support the project.