Dammam Shipyard strives for future prosperity


With all-around capability, Dammam Shipyard aims to build on three decades of rapid growth in the Port of Dammam as they seek to compliment KSA’s Vision 2030

By Dushane Solomon

Looking over the past 30 years, we can see that Port of Dammam has increased tenfold to establish itself as one of the major maritime hubs in the Arabian Gulf and the main gateway to the world. Dammam Shipyard’s strategic location at the center of the Arabian Gulf makes it an ideal choice for all companies connected to the Marine, Oil and Gas in addition to ship maintenance and repairing. The company’s core in house services include conversions, mechanical engineering and fabrication.

Located inside the main gateway container terminal of Saudi Arabia, the Port of Dammam, the flourishing shipyard enables owners to receive the services of vessel repair, Jack Up rigs and drilling platforms, all without having to leave KSA waters. With two IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) Classed floating docks, and personnel of 600+ employees shared between sister company Jeddah Ship repair, Dammam Shipyard is fully equipped to support both the marine sector and oil and gas industry.

Specializing in the delivery of versatile services with effective facilities

Given the demanding nature of the maritime industry, competent facilities are a growing necessity. Dammam Shipyard’s two proficient docks include a 215m Length Overall (LOA), 22,00 Ton Lifting Capacity (LC) and a 165m LOA, 10,000 Ton LC. These specifications grant the company the ability to handle nearly any vessel type and the flexibility to perform a number of operations. In an exclusive interview with Marasi News, Jeddah Branch Manager, Abdullah Ali Al Zahrani discussed the company’s competitive advantage.

Al Zahrani stated, “Although our facilities are top of the line, what distinguishes us from the market is the pride we take in operating remotely.” The company’s mobile team of approximately 200 allows them the unique ability to cater to client needs in the Kingdom’s waters and along the East and West coasts. Dammam Shipyard’s efficient operations have also been a strong point for the company’s success since early on.

Their offshore division which was established to provide repairs for Jack up and Land Rigs in and mobile Engineering Services to Drilling and KSA based EPCI Companies is a prime example of this. In February 2015, the company received their first Jack Up rig repair project, the Rowan Scooter Yeargain No. 55, and promptly completed the task in only 26 days. Al Zahrani added, “As our shipyard also has 600m of Quay berth with 12m draft, two 90m jetties, a Pull Test Bollard and 6 Dock/Jetties cranes with a lifting capacity of 60 ton, we are capable of turning out projects cost effectively and time efficiently and we will continue to do so.”

Coping with the challenging market

In such a challenging market that has affected the whole Oil and Gas industry and its associated sectors, Dammam Shipyard has managed to be cost effective without comprising its high quality services. Al Zahrani further explained, “We are in a very critical period; however, I believe that Saudi Arabia is in better situation compared to other countries that are producing oil and gas. I think that Saudi Aramco is still spending on Capex and still expanding its fleet which will have a positive impact on us. Furthermore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently focusing more on developing and empowering the local products with more emphasis on providing the maintenance and repairing services to the fleet operating in the Kingdom locally rather than outsourcing these services to foreign companies.”

Strategically preparing for the future

Aligning with the KSA government initiative of Vision 2030, an extensive blueprint to solidify the ambition, economy and vibrancy of the nation, Dammam Shipyard elected to utilize 2018 as a year of preparation. To ensure the repair hub’s growth, the company on boarded internationally experienced oil and gas, and maritime and defence expert, Sikke Jan Wynia to oversee the bulk of activities as General Manager.

With shipping facilitating over 90% of global trade, vessel maintenance cannot be overlooked. Wynia clarified, “As part of Vision 2030, the kingdom’s  primary goal is to be an exemplary and leading nation in all aspects – given that the KSA is a hub connecting three continents, the work that we execute within our shipyard is one that cannot be overstated.” As the company appears adamant on emphasising development now to uphold standards going forward, Wynia’s expertise should prove beneficial.