Coast Guard checking boats at Uusimaa border


Finland's Coast Guard reported on Tuesday that it has checked 13 vessels at the border between the regions of Southwest Finland and Uusimaa, which was sealed off by officials on Saturday in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus from Uusimaa to other regions of the country.

The coronavirus outbreak has hit Uusimaa the hardest, a region that’s home to 1.7 million residents and seen more than half of the country’s confirmed infections.

Coast Guard duty officer Juhana Aalto said all boats trying to cross the boundary were being stopped and checked, before being handed over to police officers to determine whether the voyage is essential.

The coast guard reported that all of the boats encountered so far have been permitted to continue their journeys. Some of the boaters were on their way home or were maritime pilots headed to or from pilot stations.

The coast guard said it is likely that more vessels will need to be checked at the border once warmer weather arrives and the boating season begins. Three coast guard units are currently patrolling the area, which is also being monitored by radar.