UK Defence Club launches Sound Waves podcast


The UK Defence Club, a leading provider of marine legal costs insurance and other services to the international shipping community, has launched its own podcast series, Sound Waves, bringing listeners the most important issues, insights and debate in the maritime industry.

Each episode of the podcast series has a distinct focus, covering a specific contractual matter, recent marine law case, global sanctions development, or wider industry theme. There’s already a bank of information available addressing issues such as the reservation of rights during disputes, the Burmese military coup and sanctions in the region, the consequences of not complying with court orders, and the ramifications of the IMO’s green transition policies.

With multiple new episodes set to appear on a regular basis, Sound Waves, which is purposely packaged in bite-sized chunks less than 10 minutes long, is an effective and time efficient way for marine professionals to keep abreast of developments in their space.

Daniel Evans, CEO at the UK Defence Club, said: “We’re very pleased to have launched our Sound Waves podcast. Societal and industry shifts indicate people increasingly want more choice and variety when it comes to how they consume information.

“As an industry, we need to adapt to external and internal trends, modernising our approach to fit a new way of living and working. Diversifying the means by which we deliver advice and briefings will help us serve our members better, and will extend our reach to a broader marine industry audience interested in the latest issues within the maritime sector.”

Sound Waves is available on the UK Defence Club website, as well as popular audio platforms Spotify, Pocket Casts, and Apple Podcasts – where listeners can subscribe to keep up-to-date with the latest episodes.