Shanghai MSA launches concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on propulsion and auxiliary machinery


Following a collision in deep water fairway of Changjiangkou (CJK) off Shanghai in December 2020, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) has issued a notice, urging ships to ensure that propulsion and auxiliary machinery are in good order prior to departure from the berth or arrival in the restricted waters.

Consequently, Shanghai MSA launched a 3-month CIC on propulsion and auxiliary machinery, commencing from 15 March 2021 and ending on 15 June 2021. Main objectives of this CIC are to ensure that ships and shipping companies fulfil their non-delegable responsibility for safety of navigation, operation of ship’s machinery, improve skills of ship’s crew, and minimize loss of lives and property arising from related accidents.

As such, Port/Flag State Control Officers (PSCOs / FSCOs) will carry out detailed inspections to verify critical areas for steering gear, propulsion and machinery systems, generator, emergency source of electrical power and its alarm systems, crew familiarization and operational controls.

Club’s local correspondents in China (Huatai Marine) have issued attached circular elaborating on the scope of this CIC, while underlining the fact that the listed items are not exhaustive and may be varied to take account of the circumstances of the particular ship or its operations.

Members with ships trading in Chinese waters are recommended to take note of this circular and ensure proper operation of ship’s propulsion and machinery system before entering restricted waters and undertaking critical manoeuvres.