Sailors’ Society Wellness at sea campaign – The value of seafarers’ wellbeing over technical skills


Seafarer wellbeing has been a focal topic for Standard Club in recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are proud to be working in partnership with Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme, sharing helpful advice and resources over several months.

Hear more about the background of the Wellness at Sea campaign and what its objective are in the Sailors’ Society podcast. This should give you a better understanding of the importance of keeping well while being at sea. Furthermore, it provides details on how to contact Sailors’ Society if assistance is needed.

The comic attached below illustrates the importance of understanding that in today’s world focus should not just be on seafarers’ technical skills, that their wellbeing is of equal importance. Recognising the stress that follows being away from home for a considerable amount of time in a year, is an important first step in looking after your wellbeing.