Serving as the UAE’s maritime arm


Despite the natural cyclicality of maritime, the United Arab Emirates continues to maintain its brilliance throughout these ups and downs. In particular, Dubai’s recent ranking as ninth among the world’s top maritime capitals, and first in the Middle East (via Menon Economics and DNV GL) is a strong depiction of the UAE’s sustained success.

Marasi News is proud to have been onboard for this magnificent journey, for what has now been over half a decade. Accordingly, as the industry continues evolving towards the future and the entire maritime sector gears up for many a changes in the coming months, we at Marasi News are also dedicated to continuing our ongoing innovative contributions.

While the UAE has solidified its recognition among top leading international maritime hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong, we know that complacency is not something that the nation is unfamiliar with. Likewise, Marasi News remains adamant on continuing to convey the UAE’s relentless efforts to elevate its maritime status even further.

The UAE’s Category B election within the International Maritime Organization has greatly contributed to positioning the country among global leaders. As the UAE prepares to re-bid for its membership renewal within the IMO, Marasi News is committed to continuing our role as the UAE’s maritime arm and the soft power which fortifies the country’s maritime strategic status.

Similar to the UAE’s calculated approach to achieve strong results, Marasi News has followed suit by applying a rigorous work ethic and implementing consistent quality to realize a comparable vision. Thus, moving forward we will deliberately dedicate our works to reinforce the UAE’s bid for IMO membership and its maritime excellence globally.