Re-run for continued leadership and maritime excellence


The UAE's re-bid to be a part of the IMO's Executive Council was more than based off the desire to elevate its stature; it is a part of the country's grand strategic plan – a vi- sionary model of excellence, prosperity, and happiness for all – to bear fruit now, and in 2071 during the nation's 100th anniversary.

Securing the category-b membership for the UAE in the IMO's Executive Council has many objectives at an external level, but its internal objective is to make the UAE the best country in the world, with the readiness of its marine infrastructure being among the most important factors. The successful completion of this will remain for the UAE’s future generations, serving as a constant re- minder of the endless ambition that allows the country to continually prosper.

In-line with this, we were delighted to see over 100 UAE national students queue un- der the dome of the Arab Academy for Sci- ence, Technology and Maritime Transport in Sharjah, during its inauguration. The state- of-the-art facility was built by His High- ness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and through his generous spon- sorship, this will allow coming generations to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and build upon the country’s rich cultural heritage which first began at sea.

We are confident that the UAE will secure a second term to continue its mission of upgrading the global maritime industry, as the UAE's advanced ports, modern maritime facilities, and free industrial zones linked to international transport networks, will effec- tively cater to the world economy. Our wise leadership aspires to create a world full of prosperity, development, and happiness for the entire population and the UAE is doing just that.