Is the maritime market recovering?


Is the market recovering‭? ‬We have all been looking forward to the answer‭, ‬yet no one seems to be sure‭. ‬Despite the clear signs of recovery such as new tenders‭, ‬drilling rigs utilization and other signs‭, ‬it seems that the low prices are here to stay and finding new ways to do business at low cost while maintaining quality became a mandatory task to all industry professionals‭. ‬

We at Ali and Sons Marine Engineering Factory‭ (‬ASMEF‭) ‬are achieving better costing at better quality‭. ‬Ali and Sons Marine Engineering has been developing its capabilities and adding new ones‭, ‬recently we have developed our drilling equipment workshop in order to better serve the area’s drilling contractors‭. ‬Our recent achievement is completing the first Top Drive for ADNOC Drilling in 60%‭ ‬of the given time‭, ‬prov-ing that we can support in keeping our customers running and reduce their downtime‭. ‬

We have also joined hands with KEPPEL LET‭, ‬a well-known name in the drilling industry combining the ingenuity of two giants such‭ ‬as Keppel FELS and Le Tourneau‭. ‬The agreement has been signed by Mr‭. ‬Shamis Al Dhaheri‭, ‬who stated that this is a great milestone for ASMEF as it adds all the experience and resources that KLET possess to what ASMEF already has‭, ‬this presents the market with a near home expe-rience that was only available out of UAE‭. ‬Ali and Sons Marine Engineering Factory have been working relentlessly to serve the oil and gas market clients from the drilling contractors all the way until the re-fineries‭. ‬

As a diversified facility we have been able to withstand the tough market condition‭, ‬our ship repair divi-sion has seen a steady‭ ‬increase in work and revenue as we continue to prove that we can provide quality work while maintaining a cost effective operation‭. ‬

Our one-stop shop facility has been occupied with various projects for both NOCs and IOCs in addition to utility companies‭. ‬We have added various capabilities to the workshop in addition to the various train-ing programs that our team is going through‭.‬

We have recently enhanced our site work activities and won a project for Sharjah National Oil Company‭ ‬“SNOC”‭, ‬which proves that we are always on the look for new opportunities and we can deliver our promises‭. ‬

We have been blessed to be an Emirati company that has the support of all its clients and we have made use of all advantages given to us such as the unique location of the facility that presents a great logistical advantage‭, ‬the non-restricted are and water front in addition the to the facility and added capabilities‭.‬

Ali and Sons Marine Engineering will continue to improve and work to enhance its capabilities in order to achieve the Ali and Sons Group mission‭, ‬“A&S is committed to provide customers with high quality products and services through well trained qualified staff and effective‭ ‬processes‭.‬”‭ ‬