Marine Industry Associations... scope and benefits


Scope of marine industry associations‭, ‬national or international‭, ‬is to bring together different professionals‭, ‬companies and maritime authorities‭, ‬who share the same industry and clients‭. ‬This association benefits in terms of knowledge‭, ‬information‭, ‬intelligence‭, ‬education and simple human relationship‭, ‬as typical in the nautical environment‭.‬

In the world‭, ‬there are many recognised organisations in the recreational maritime industry‭, ‬both profit and no profit‭, ‬operating at national and international level‭. ‬These organizations support‭, ‬complement and compete with each other‭, ‬with an overall beneficial effect on the marine community‭.‬

AMI‭ - ‬the Association of Marina Industries‭ ‬–‭ ‬is a US non-profit membership organization dedicated to serving the needs of the marina industry by providing business solutions‭, ‬educational services‭, ‬news and publications‭, ‬and research results‭. ‬IMI‭ - ‬the International Marina Institute‭ - ‬is a subsidiary‭ ‬of AMI dealing with training and certification for marina professionals‭, ‬exclusively in the US‭, ‬and by authorized franchise partners outside of the US‭.‬

MIA‭ ‬–‭ ‬the Marina Industries Association‭ (‬MIA‭) -‬‭ ‬is the Australian association supporting marina industries through education‭, ‬accreditation and research programs‭. ‬MIA’s members are Owners‭, ‬Managers and Operators of Marinas‭, ‬and other marine Storage Facilities and Sailing and Cruising Boating Clubs‭.‬

BM‭ - ‬British Marine‭ -‬‭ ‬is a UK membership organisation for the leisure‭, ‬superyacht and small commercial marine industry‭, ‬with 1,600+‭ ‬members from a broad range of businesses including boat builders‭, ‬chandlers‭, ‬brokers‭, ‬marinas‭, ‬passenger boats and engines‭.‬

GMI‭ - ‬the Global Marina Institute‭ - ‬is a partnership British Marine and Marina Industries Association formed to deliver global marina training and certification with the aim of maintaining and increasing standards in Marinas across the world‭. ‬The two organisations work together to maintain existing certifications and to develop new certification pathways and training courses to meet the needs of both existing marinas‭ ‬and Marinas developing around the world‭..‬

MIASF‭ - ‬the Marine Industries Association of South Florida‭ -‬‭ ‬is the largest marine trade organization in the Southeast United States‭. ‬Created in 1961‭, ‬the not-for-profit trade group is focused on the sound growth of the marine industry in the South Florida Region to benefit its members‭, ‬their customers‭, ‬communities‭ ‬and the environment‭. ‬The Association has over 500‭ ‬members in Broward‭, ‬Miami-Dade‭, ‬and Palm Beach Counties and is the owner of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show‭.‬

Emirati overview and opportunity

In the last few years‭, ‬the nautical and marine industry in the United Arab Emirates has experienced significant growth‭, ‬combined‭ ‬with the fact that many marina projects have been developed and are presently under construction‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬few important projects in the region are now including more and more berths for superyachts‭, ‬which category is increasing in the Middle East‭.‬

As a consequence‭, ‬there is an increasing interest from the nautical community‭ - ‬boats and yacht owners‭, ‬captains and crews‭, ‬marine authorities‭, ‬marina operators‭, ‬boat and yacht builders‭, ‬shipyards and maintenance operators‭, ‬suppliers of services and goods‭ ‬‭- ‬to meet and share knowledge‭, ‬information‭, ‬problems and support each other’s business‭. ‬

Although non-associated nautical lobbies already exist in the Country and have contributed to the development of the UAE maritime industry in the last 15‭ ‬years‭, ‬a formal unification of the nautical community under the same organization and/or association‭ (‬EAMI‭ - ‬the Emirati Association of Marine Industry‭) ‬would make the UAE nautical industry stronger and more compact‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬partnerships and collaborations with the most reputable international marine associations would support the existent know-how and would help in the development of the UAE yachting industry and community‭, ‬at international level‭..‬

Dubai International Yachting Summit 2018

The First Edition of Dubai International Yachting Summit‭ (‬DIYS‭) - ‬THE EMIRATI RIVIERA‭: ‬A NEW WORLD HUB FOR YACHTING‭ ‬–‭ ‬will take place early 2018‭ ‬and will be held in Mina Rashid Development‭, ‬Port Rashid‭ - ‬Dubai‭. ‬The conference is organized by FABMAR Consultancy FZE and hosted by DP WORLD‭. ‬