Dubai Maritime City’s spirit fosters a vibrant and integrated business community


By: Eng. Ali Al Suwaidi, General Manager, DMC

Since the launch of Dubai Maritime City, our primary focus is to achieve the vision of our founding father Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum (PBUH), who laid the foundation stone to establish the maritime industry in Dubai by developing its major ports. His vision for making Dubai a city of trade has been realized, as the city is integrated and mutually supportive; making it a hub for trading and investments, starting from its largest ports in the world to the simplest facilities in the city. Dubai provides an ideal business network making the city a leading commercial center.

We realize that in order to succeed in our projects following Dubai’s best practice, we must create a framework that makes working in Dubai Maritime City a lively experience that goes beyond providing maritime facilities and commercial real estate. This has encouraged us to review our founding father’s ideology on making Dubai’s trade sector more efficient; in order to utilize best practices and achieve better outcome.

That is why we have taken the first step to “being good listeners”, which was a key feature in Sheikh Rashid’s personality (PBUH). His Majlis was always open for business leaders, where he used to listen to their needs and follow up on their requirements. Following this example, we have adopted the “Open Door” strategy to welcome everyone who wants to get in touch and give us observations or complaints about our services and facilities. Moreover, we have also visited our client’s offices to check on them and see if they need anything to facilitate their commercial activities at DMC. Through this step, we have managed to get critical recommendations and suggestions that have helped us to further develop and hone our service levels.

Effective communication is a key pillar success

Through interaction with our clients, we realize the importance of our effective communication with them, as each of our clients has a distinctive value to offer to others that can help in fulfilling their business requirements. For this reason, our “Maerifa” initiative has been launched, to build a cohesive community that brings together companies operating at DMC. The initiative has successfully enabled us to establish a network of mutual relationships with business leaders, who have greatly benefited from each other. We have also managed to acquire a great number of business deals with our clients and the companies operating in DMC.

On another note, we have been extensively observing the diversifications of the companies in DMC and we have launched a number of campaigns to attract new ones, with a major focus on those organizations that will add value to the diversified community in DMC. Our registered companies have exceeded 270 who  provide several services starting from basic consumables such as ropes and small spare parts, ending with the UAE largest shipbuilding yards.

Today, we can confidently say that the spirit of Dubai Maritime City is taking shape and has been actively implemented from all our partners. Furthermore, we are constantly receiving positive feedback from our customers who benefit and cooperate with each other in order to make maritime business activities in DMC vibrant and beneficial. This reflects the essence of what we have learned from our founding father Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (PBUH), whose commemoration was on 7th of October, when he launched the spirit of Dubai.