KOJIMAGUMI delivers unparalleled efficiency with world’s largest grab dredging machine


Incorporating patented technologies developed over the last century, KOJIMAGUMI has created among the world’s most efficient and largest dredging equipment. Such dedication to the field has made the family company the partner of choice of the biggest dredging outfits worldwide. Moving forward, KOJIMAGUMI is raising its global presence especially in Asia with companies that share its corporate values of trustworthiness, credibility and honesty. 

“We started developing our own technologies early on, and this approach has set us apart from the competition,” says Tokuaki Kojima, president of KOJIMAGUMI. “Our technological innovations always target three things – operational efficiency, optimum energy consumption and environmental protection.”

The company is behind GOSHO, which is recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest grab dredger in the world. The equipment is an engineering marvel as it uses a counterweight to move its 200-cubic-metre grab bucket vertically, thus requiring just enough energy to lift only the weight of the soil scooped by the bucket from the seabed. The result is utmost efficiency in mechanical operation, power consumption and other performance parameters. 

These machines have played a crucial role in dredging operations worldwide, which include widening and deepening of sea routes and ports. The company’s overseas expansion was triggered by a wide range of projects, including marine engineering, dredging and reclamation, in cooperation with China’s leading construction company, China Harbour Engineering. KOJIMAGUMI also collaborates on projects based on a strong partnership with Belgium-based Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering, which engages internationally in port infrastructure development, wind farm installation and environmental remediation.

As the dredging equipment specialist celebrates its 102nd anniversary this year, it is set to further expand its global presence. KOJIMAGUMI has a growing business in China and Africa and is working on a new contract in Singapore. Using its Hong Kong subsidiary as a base for its overseas operations, the company sees itself providing more support to infrastructure development across Asia, particularly in Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Taiwan and South Korea. Part of this commitment is offering its patents to other companies worldwide in an effort to contribute more to society.

“We try our best to deepen our relationship with existing clients as we welcome and nurture new ones,” Kojima says. “We are committed to resolving issues even before they arise. It is kind of old-fashioned, but I still strongly believe in building the business on trust, credibility and honesty.”