RS provides the designers with a tool for automated check of hull structures


Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) introduces the new ⍟DYSSEY software system for checking the hull structure strength calculations against requirements of the RS Rules.

⍟DYSSEY allows users to model hull structures with the required level of detail and perform calculations to verify compliance with the requirements for hull girder, local strength, buckling, ice strengthening and specific assessments for special ship types (e.g. tankers, bulk and gas carriers).

The new RS software system will help designers to optimize labour input while calculating and reduce the number of errors at the stage of preparation of technical documentation for submission to RS as well as to minimize the number of issues concerning application and interpretation of the Rules arising among designers. Provision of model created via ⍟DYSSEY software as a part of plan approval documentation set will reduce the process of calculations review to checking of the model compliance with the drawings.

The competitive advantage of ⍟DYSSEY software is the possibility to carry out ice strengthening calculations (shell plating, primary and deep members, plate structures, including automated determination of regions of ice strengthening with relevant calculation of ice loads) for RS ice classes, including requirements for double acting ships.

⍟DYSSEY software is in the industrial testing phase, however, the designs implemented using the software at this stage will be accepted by RS for review.