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  • Four tons of Marijuana seized from Piraeus...

    Efforts to smuggle large amounts of illegal narcotics through the ports of Eastern Europe are continuing. Days after the Croatian authorities reported one of their largest seizures of cocaine being smuggled through one of their ports, Greece authorities reported a large seizure of cannabis last week at the port of Piraeus. In both cases, the Eastern European ports were being used as intermediary stops in an effort to avoid stricter enforcement protocols as Western European ports.


  • U.S. Coast Guard intercepts go-fast boat with $...

    The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Tampa offloaded about 5,500 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $95 million at a pier in Miami. The delivery was the result of an interdiction of a low profile vessel off the coast of Punta Gallinas, Colombia earlier this month. 


  • Three sentenced, two more plead guilty in USCG...

    Additional defendants are continuing to plead guilty while the first of the defendants have now been sentenced in a test score-fixing scheme at a United States Coast Guard exam center. Since filing an indictment in November 2020, 21 defendants have been convicted in the case brought by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana.


  • Croatian Police seize $72M in cocaine as...

    Croatian police in cooperation with customs authorities announced their third major seizure of cocaine this year arriving at the port of Ploce smuggled inside containers arriving from South America. Croatian officials said that smugglers appear to be targeting the ports of Southern Europe in response to increased enforcement efforts across Europe.


  • Senators introduce act to compel CDC to restore U...

    The efforts to pressure the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to move forward with the restoration of cruises sailing from U.S. ports continued with three U.S. senators today introducing a bill to require the CDC to restore cruising by July 4. The senators from Florida and Alaska followed a move last week by the state of Florida to sue the U.S. government to restore cruising and a letter-writing campaign launched by the cruise industry. Alaska’s governor said his state might follow Florida in a lawsuit to ease the restrictions on cruising.


  • Suez Canal Authority obtains court order to seize...

    The Suez Canal Authority has secured a formal court order to seize the container ship Ever Given for "failure to pay an amount of $ 900 million," the Egyptian government-owned news outlet Ahram Gate reported Tuesday. The SCA had previously announced its intention to hold the vessel until the outcome of negotiations with the owners over damage compensation from the ship's infamous six-day grounding. 


  • Risk of detention For anchoring In Malaysian...

    The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) recently launched an initiative that targets vessels anchoring in Malaysian waters. The MMEA is officially urging shipowners to seek permission to anchor their vessels in the eastern waters of Johor (South China Sea). Failure to do so, it is reported, will result in vessels being ordered out of the area.


  • India rejects US contention that its domestic...

    India has rejected the US contention that its domestic maritime law is in violation of the United Nations convention on the Law of the Sea, and expressed its concerns about a US naval ship entering into Indian waters.



Congress Passes Act to restart Alaska cruises and lines plan for July

In a major victory for the state of Alaska, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act today, clearing the way for the large cruise lines to resume sailing with an abbreviated season of Alaska cruises. The Act, which had been considered a long shot and written off for dead, passed the U.S. Senate last week and is now on its way to President Joe Biden for his signature.


LMAA appoints new President

The Committee of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) elected David Steward, independent Arbitrator and Mediator, as its new President to succeed outgoing Bruce Harris following the LMAA’s AGM on 19 May.


Asian cruises limited by regional restrictions due to virus increases

An increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in parts of Asia has become the latest setback for the cruise industry. While countries in Europe, ranging from the U.K. to Portugal and Spain, have been moving to reopen their ports to cruise ships, Asian authorities have responded with increased restrictions to slow a new wave of cases reported from Malaysia to Taiwan and Singapore. 


Judge orders Mediation in Florida’s Lawsuit to restart U.S. Cruising

A federal court judge ordered mediation in an attempt to settle Florida’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Conditional Sail Order. In doing so, U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday has recognized that Florida raised legitimate concerns in the legal action it started in April, and which was joined by Alaska and Texas, but refused the states’ efforts to immediately block the CDC and permit cruising to resume from U.S. ports.


US Senate approves Act permitting large ships to cruise to Alaska

In a voice vote, the U.S. Senate this afternoon approved the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act that would permit large cruise ships to operate cruises to Alaska this summer. The act provides a waiver of the U.S. cabotage laws. The measure goes to the U.S. House for approval before it can be sent to President Joe Biden for his signature.