Legal & Regulations

  • LMAA appoints new President

    The Committee of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) elected David Steward, independent Arbitrator and Mediator, as its new President to succeed outgoing Bruce Harris following the LMAA’s AGM on 19 May.


  • Asian cruises limited by regional restrictions...

    An increasing number of cases of COVID-19 in parts of Asia has become the latest setback for the cruise industry. While countries in Europe, ranging from the U.K. to Portugal and Spain, have been moving to reopen their ports to cruise ships, Asian authorities have responded with increased restrictions to slow a new wave of cases reported from Malaysia to Taiwan and Singapore. 


  • Judge orders Mediation in Florida’s Lawsuit to...

    A federal court judge ordered mediation in an attempt to settle Florida’s lawsuit seeking to overturn the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Conditional Sail Order. In doing so, U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday has recognized that Florida raised legitimate concerns in the legal action it started in April, and which was joined by Alaska and Texas, but refused the states’ efforts to immediately block the CDC and permit cruising to resume from U.S. ports.


  • Shipping industry launch the Gulf of Guinea...

    The attacks on merchant ships in the Gulf of Guinea by Nigerian pirates must end. So far, 99 maritime companies, organisations and flag states, including BIMCO, have signed the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy, which was launched today.


  • US Senate approves Act permitting large ships to...

    In a voice vote, the U.S. Senate this afternoon approved the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act that would permit large cruise ships to operate cruises to Alaska this summer. The act provides a waiver of the U.S. cabotage laws. The measure goes to the U.S. House for approval before it can be sent to President Joe Biden for his signature.


  • Covid-19: No foreign crew aboard ships from India...

    In order to stem Covid-19 cases, vessels from India docking in all Malaysian ports are not allowed to “sign off” their crew of any nationality into Malaysia during the nationwide movement control order (MCO) from May 12 to June 7, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.



Scotland Bans Cruise Ships Again

Scottish Government announced today that it decided to keep its ports closed to large cruise ships at this time despite progress in controlling COVID-19. The decision came the day before the first large ship in the UK’s summer domestic cruise restart program was due to arrive in Greenock.


Cutter active seizes $107M in Cocaine on the high seas

The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Active returned to Port Angeles, Washington after a successful 58-day counter-smuggling patrol in the Eastern Pacific. The 55-year-old cutter and crew patrolled international waters off Central America and Mexico as part of the long-running U.S. effort to suppress cocaine smuggling. 


Egypt: Suez Canal ship case adjourned for compensation talks

An Egyptian court on Saturday adjourned the case of a hulking cargo vessel that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week earlier this year. The move is to allow more time for negotiations aiming at resolving a financial dispute between the Suez Canal Authority and the vessel’s owner.