Legal & Regulations

  • Cutter active seizes $107M in Cocaine on the high...

    The crew of the Coast Guard cutter Active returned to Port Angeles, Washington after a successful 58-day counter-smuggling patrol in the Eastern Pacific. The 55-year-old cutter and crew patrolled international waters off Central America and Mexico as part of the long-running U.S. effort to suppress cocaine smuggling. 


  • One small step for MASS

    The MSC regulatory working group on MASS released its report with recommendations that the best way forward to address MASS in the IMO regulatory framework should, preferably, be through the development of a new MASS Code. This is sensible given that addressing every IMO convention or SOLAS chapter separately can lead to inconsistencies, confusion and raise potential barriers for the application of existing regulations to conventional ships. The new MASS Code can then be made mandatory by amending one of the existing IMO Conventions, such as SOLAS. The MSC working group also suggested that the MASS Code should be developed following a goal-based approach. This is in line with the current Guidelines developed by the IMO.


  • Egypt: Suez Canal ship case adjourned for...

    An Egyptian court on Saturday adjourned the case of a hulking cargo vessel that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week earlier this year. The move is to allow more time for negotiations aiming at resolving a financial dispute between the Suez Canal Authority and the vessel’s owner.


  • Teekay Corporation completes Banff...

    Teekay Corporation announces the completion of the remaining conditions precedent relating to the previously announced Decommissioning Services Agreement (DSA) with CNR International (UK) Limited (CNRI), on behalf of the Banff joint venture, whereby Teekay has engaged CNRI to decommission the Company’s remaining subsea infrastructure located within the CNRI-operated Banff Field. As part of the DSA, which is now in full effect, CNRI has assumed full responsibility for Teekay’s remaining asset retirement obligations (Phase II) for the above-mentioned facilities, which should enable CNRI to complete Teekay’s Phase II work in conjunction with their other decommissioning work at the Banff Field in a more efficient manner.


  • CDC permits First Cruises to sail from U.S. Ports...

    The efforts to resume cruising from U.S. ports took a step forward with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issuing its first provisional acceptance letter for a simulated cruise and late today saying it would also permit the first fully vaccinated cruise ship to resume sailing in late June. The Royal Caribbean Group announced that two of its brands will operate the first cruises from U.S. ports since March 2020.


  • IMO explores issues for regulation of autonomous...

    To ensure that maritime regulations keep pace with the technological advancements in autonomous shipping, the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee finalizes an analysis of ship safety treaties seeking to identify the issues required for regulating Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS). The scoping exercise, which was initiated in 2017, sought to determine the actions needed by the IMO to ensure safe, secure, and environmentally sound MASS operations.  


  • $3.5B of O.K. Lim Family's Assets Frozen in...

    A court in Singapore has approved a prosecutor's request to freeze the assets of Lim Oon Kuin (also known as O.K. Lim) and his family as litigation continues over the alleged financial fraud at Lim's businesses. The freeze covers an astonishing $3.5 billion in holdings, and it opens a path to further loss recovery for the creditors of oil trading house Hin Leong Trading, the linchpin in Lim's former empire. 



Judge Grants Florida’s Motion for Injunction Against CDC Cruise Rules

A U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of Florida in its effort to receive a temporary injunction against the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from enforcing its Conditional Sailing Order on cruise ships operating from Florida’s ports. Because of Florida’s probability of success on the merits of its case and the imminent threat of irreparable injury to Florida, Judge Steven Merryday enjoined the CDC from enforcing the CSO in Florida, while also giving the CDC time to revise its rules to fit within the court’s perception of the agency’s legal authority.


FMC members predict enforcement action over carriers' container rules

After a fact-finding visit to the Port of New York and New Jersy (PNYNJ) last week, Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel predicted that the FMC will likely begin looking at enforcement action to ensure that ocean carriers are complying with their legal obligations under the U.S. Shipping Act. Truckers have been complaining for more than a year about excessive demurrage and detention fees for containers - particularly when terminals do not provide appointments for pickup or dropoff, making the fees effectively unavoidable. In addition, shippers have called for assistance in forcing carriers to provide empty containers for U.S. exports; record-setting head-haul rates and equipment shortages make it more profitable for carriers to ship empties back to China for immediate loading and turnaround.


Maritime regulator sets carbon measures amid dissent

The world’s top maritime regulator has agreed to a plan to cut the “carbon-intensity” of ocean-going vessels, overriding objections from Western countries that the accord doesn’t commit the shipping sector to specific emission cuts.