Legal & Regulations

  • Judge Grants Florida’s Motion for Injunction...

    A U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of Florida in its effort to receive a temporary injunction against the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from enforcing its Conditional Sailing Order on cruise ships operating from Florida’s ports. Because of Florida’s probability of success on the merits of its case and the imminent threat of irreparable injury to Florida, Judge Steven Merryday enjoined the CDC from enforcing the CSO in Florida, while also giving the CDC time to revise its rules to fit within the court’s perception of the agency’s legal authority.


  • Maritime regulator sets carbon measures amid...

    The world’s top maritime regulator has agreed to a plan to cut the “carbon-intensity” of ocean-going vessels, overriding objections from Western countries that the accord doesn’t commit the shipping sector to specific emission cuts.


  • FMC members predict enforcement action over...

    After a fact-finding visit to the Port of New York and New Jersy (PNYNJ) last week, Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel predicted that the FMC will likely begin looking at enforcement action to ensure that ocean carriers are complying with their legal obligations under the U.S. Shipping Act. Truckers have been complaining for more than a year about excessive demurrage and detention fees for containers - particularly when terminals do not provide appointments for pickup or dropoff, making the fees effectively unavoidable. In addition, shippers have called for assistance in forcing carriers to provide empty containers for U.S. exports; record-setting head-haul rates and equipment shortages make it more profitable for carriers to ship empties back to China for immediate loading and turnaround.


  • Hong Kong ends quarantine curbs on port calls by...

    Hong Kong providers of shipping services are breathing a sigh of relief after authorities announced they would ease strict quarantine restrictions imposed last July on vessels calling at the Asian shipping hub, trade sources said.


  • Ghana – Focus on safety and maritime pollution...

    Members trading in Ghana should exercise vigilance during operations involving transfer of oil and other substances. Our local correspondents BUDD Ghana advised that the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) recently issued a shipping notice – Ghana Maritime Authority circular – dated 17 March 2021 laying out the mandatory procedures for the transfer of oil and other substances. Those are included in Annex 1 of the Shipping Notice No.017.


  • Scotland Bans Cruise Ships Again

    Scottish Government announced today that it decided to keep its ports closed to large cruise ships at this time despite progress in controlling COVID-19. The decision came the day before the first large ship in the UK’s summer domestic cruise restart program was due to arrive in Greenock.


  • White House bans U.S. investment in world's...

    The Biden administration implemented a ban on all U.S. investment in four of China's biggest maritime companies - including China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), the world's largest commercial shipbuilder and the linchpin of China's naval modernization effort.



CDC appeals court decision in attempt to maintain cruise restrictions

In the latest turn in the ongoing legal fight between the Centers for Disease Control and Florida over the restrictions on cruise ships sailing from U.S. ports, the CDC filed an appeal in federal court seeking to overturn the district court’s ruling and blocking the lower court’s injunction against the conditional sailing order governing the restart of cruising. The lower court had sided with Florida, giving the CDC till the beginning of July to propose narrow restrictions while ordering the two sides to mediate the case.


Italian officials detain NGO rescue vessel after port inspection

A ship chartered by the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières - MSF) has been detained by Italian authorities after a coast guard inspection identified numerous safety issues aboard the Norwegian-flagged vessel. While saying that it is ready to make the necessary steps to get the vessel back to sea, the medical NGO is also accusing the authorities of pursuing political objectives under the guise of inspections as a means to interrupt their work with migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean.


Court Refuses Hurricane Energy Reoganization Plan

U.K.-based oil and gas exploration and production company Hurricane Energy announced that a British court failed to approve the company’s reorganization plan, which could lead to the immediate liquidation of the company. Unlike other companies in the offshore sector which have been successful in court-supervised reorganizations, Hurricane Energy experienced multiple points of opposition to its reorganization.