• Submitting COVID-19 related crew claims – top...


    A bit of preparation means a quicker turnaround of a reimbursement claim – a welcome result for both insureds and Gard claims handlers. This article focuses on claims related to crew and does not discuss cover related to passengers or others who may be aboard in a capacity other than crew.


  • Britannia P&I launches B Korea

    Britannia P&I will officially launch B Korea P&I Correspondent Co., Ltd. (‘B Korea’) as its Exclusive Correspondents in Korea on 20th February 2021. B Korea will replace P&I Bros Ltd. and be based in a new office located at the Seoul Finance Center, Jung-gu, Seoul.


  • Smuggling fines, breach of customs regulations...

    The International Group has amended the Pooling Agreement so that as of 20 February 2021, P&I cover in respect of fines for smuggling and breach of customs regulations will no longer provided as of right, but only on a discretionary basis.


  • SG-STAR Fund Taskforce (SFTF) develops CrewSafe...

    The SG-STAR Fund is the first global tripartite initiative bringing together like-minded international partners from the industry, unions and government to facilitate safe crew changes. The fund, based in Singapore, will be disbursed for use upstream in countries such as Philippines and India where a high majority of seafarers come from.


  • OSRO requirement for bunkering in Argentina –...

    Further to our News Item of 28 December 2020 regarding new requirements for all ships to make oil spill response arrangements when bunkering at Zona Comun in Argentina, the Club’s local representative in Buenos Aires, Pandi Liquidadores, now advise that the Argentinean Coast Guard has clarified the requirements in light of industry concerns such that:


  • TT Talk – Ship fires often start ashore

    Change to the way containerised cargo is entered into the supply chain is critical – as well as how it’s loaded on board ships. When cargo of any kind is incorrectly declared and packed, it can lead to catastrophic ship fires at sea. Poor packing not only leads to tragic loss of life, but is estimated to cost the industry more than USD6 billion each year.


  • What happens to containers lost overboard? How...

    We reviewed the typical causes and legal aspects of container collapse cases in June. In this article we address what happens to the containers once they enter the sea. How long do containers stay afloat? Is there any basis in fact for the myth that they “hover” below the surface?



The Standard Club celebrates 20 years of partnership with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd and opens a Tokyo claims office

Twenty years after the Standard Club began its joint venture with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire (TMNF) to underwrite P&I business in Japan, the club is celebrating its successful partnership. Tokio Standard for the 21st century (TS21) has gone from strength to strength and now underwrites 8% of P&I business in Japan.


Handling stowaway incidents

Stowaways cause considerable difficulties for the master and owner if their presence is only detected after leaving the port of embarkation. It is essential to prevent their boarding initially or to find them before a ship leaves port. However, there are still occurrences where stowaways are only discovered too late.