• New global project to address bioinvasions via...

    Addressing ship’s hull fouling is a crucial step to protect marine biodiversity. The treatment of hulls to reduce fouling by aquatic organisms has the additional benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, since the drag of ships is reduced.

  • K-Line Says Container Cargo handling volume...

    During the first three months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018 (from April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017; hereinafter “the three-month period”), the global economy gradually recovered, despite unstable situations with geopolitical risks. 

  • IMO Moving Ahead With Oceans and Climate Change...

    UN Agency’s Marine Environment Protection Committee Met Earlier This Month. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations agency charged with regulating international shipping, pushed forward its environmental agenda at the recent meeting of its Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).

  • Palau boasts incredible maritime diversity

    Palau has boosted its efforts to preserve its rich maritime environment for generations to come, with some of the measures including the introduction of environmental protection taxes and education for children, an official from the Tokyo branch of the country’s tourism office said at a recent seminar in Tokyo.

  • Shipping Losses Continue to Drop Despite ‘Perfect...

    Shipping losses dropped 16 percent overall in 2016, amounting to a 50 percent decrease in the last 10 years, according to a new report. Despite the positive news, a “perfect storm” risk environment continues to plague the industry due to political instability, regulatory constraints and increasing cyber risk, the report says.


Q&A: Shipping and the environment

UNCTAD’s Multi-year Expert Meeting on Transport, Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation on 21–23 November comes just a few months after the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted an initial strategy on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships.


TORM establishes joint venture with Guangzhou Shipyard International and ME To Manufacture Scrubbers To Reduce Sulfur Emissions

TORM plc (“TORM” Ticker: TRMD) has established a joint venture with ME Production, a leading scrubber manufacturer, and Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI), which is part of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation group. The joint venture, ME Production China, will manufacture and install scrubbers in China and deliver them to a range of maritime industry customers for both newbuildings and retrofitted vessels. TORM holds an ownership stake of 27.5% in the new joint venture.