DP World, UAE Region adopts “ZODIAC” training program, developed by UAE calibers to improve the global supply chain efficiency

DP World, UAE Region, the leading smart trade enabler introduced the ZODIAC training programme, led by in-house Emirati calibres in The Ports and Terminals Training Center (P&TTC). The programme accredited by City & Guilds is now a recognised benchmark for effective training programmes to improve supply chain utilisation globally.


Is blockchain ready to revolutionise the shipping industry?

In the recent past, blockchain has experienced a media-driven surge in popularity, capturing the interest of the shipping sector. With companies like Maersk and IBM announcing the creation of an industry-wide blockchain solution for the shipping sector, and Hyundai Merchant Marine declaring the completion of its maiden journey with the help of blockchain, the industry is all set for a blockchain-driven transformation.


Juma Khalifah Abushibs: The future of the shipping industry is bright and a lot of business is coming towards UAE’s direction

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and halted all business activities, most companies suffered a backlash in terms of revenue and had to either downsize their workforce, or were forced to continue operating without employees being paid salaries regularly. Along with travel restrictions imposed by governments getting tighter, and transport of goods becoming an increasingly difficult task, most shipping companies faced the heat of the challenges that came with the pandemic. During this time period, it was no longer the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the ones that were the fastest to adapt to change.