SAFEEN reinforces the rapid growth and remarkable success of Abu Dhabi Ports


by Effat Mostafa

Can we have an overview about SAFEEN operations‭? ‬

SAFEEN provides a comprehensive range of marine services and ancillary quayside services in a safe‭, ‬secure and efficient manner‭ ‬to vessels calling at Abu Dhabi seaports‭. ‬Wholly owned by Abu Dhabi Ports‭, ‬SAFEEN is staffed by a team of certified and extensively trained professionals who work together to ensure superior‭, ‬cost-effective service to vessels calling at the Emirate’s seaports‭.‬

Operating a modern fleet and using up-to-date port equipment‭, ‬alongside continuous training‭, ‬we offer a distinctive caliber of traditional marine services‭, ‬such as vessel traffic services‭, ‬pilotage‭, ‬harbour towage and mooring‭.‬

What are the main services that the company is offering to the Marine sector in the UAE‭?‬

SAFEEN is responsible for Abu Dhabi Ports’‭ ‬marine services including catering to requirements in Khalifa‭, ‬Zayed‭ & ‬Musaffah ports‭. ‬Beside VTS services‭, ‬pilotage‭, ‬mooring and towage in the ports we also cover an innovative portfolio of additional services‭, ‬including ferry management‭, ‬fender leasing‭,‬‭ ‬oil spill response‭ & ‬marine emergencies‭, ‬garbage disposal‭, ‬bunkering‭, ‬fresh water delivery‭, ‬issuing of permits and diving services as well as bollard pull testing‭.  ‬All these services are available by contacting the respective port VTS‭.‬


What is your fleet capacity‭? ‬

We have eight tugboats‭, ‬five pilot boats‭, ‬six speedboats‭, ‬one buoy maintenance vessel and two oil spill response boats‭. ‬Currently we are also into a phase of expanding our fleet capacity and capability‭. ‬


Can we get more information about SAFEEN fleet maintenance main services‭?  ‬

Our vessels fleet maintenance is well-equipped to service all different sizes of infrastructure and containerships to the highest standards—‭ ‬from small off-shore oil and gas infrastructure‭, ‬to post-panamax sized vessels‭. ‬Our fleet maintenance oversees technical vessel‭ ‬maintenance services‭, ‬ships inspection and identification of faults or required maintenance‭, ‬which are then handled by a team of well-trained service engineers and technicians‭. ‬We also offer services such as welding‭; ‬on-deck fabrication assistance‭; ‬hull steel and aluminum repairs‭; ‬machine works to onboard equipment overhaul‭; ‬air-conditioning system maintenance and installation‭; ‬and arrangement for OEM‭ (‬Original Equipment Manufacturer‭) ‬assistance to docked vessels‭.  ‬


Would you please give us an overview about your commercial projects‭?‬

SAFEEN’s commercial project pipeline has both short-medium term and long term goals‭. ‬Our strategies are aligned with Abu Dhabi Ports growth plan‭. ‬Developing sustainable capacity‭, ‬diversification of business etc are some of the broad verticals where SAFEEN is currently enagaged‭. ‬

Providing marine services such as towage‭, ‬pilotage‭, ‬VTS forms the core business of SAFEEN‭. ‬In pursuit of diversification‭, ‬we are‭ ‬also into management‭ & ‬operation of passenger-vehicle ferries‭, ‬providing ancillary services to port users‭, ‬bollard pull testing‭, ‬fender leasing‭.‬


How does SAFEEN manage to apply cost-effective solutions‭? ‬

SAFEEN lives by the principle of‭ ‬“What you can’t measure‭, ‬you can’t manage”‭. ‬The Company has initiated some robust cost control measures‭. ‬SAFEEN has embraced technological development for increased efficiency in spite of maintaining a lean organization‭.  ‬

In such competitive market‭, ‬what does differentiate your company compared to other service providers‭? ‬

Our efforts have almost always been focused on enhancing our services‭. ‬Since establishment‭, ‬we have combined industry best practices to ensure that we provide a value proposition to our customers‭. ‬One of our competitive advantages comes from the unwavering‭ ‬commitment to deliver operations to highest safety‭, ‬environment and quality standards‭. ‬In a short time span‭, ‬we have successfully aligned our practices to international standards such as of ISO‭, ‬OHSAS and International Safety Management‭ (‬ISM‭) ‬as well as the Abu Dhabi’s safety regulatory body‭, ‬OSHAD‭.  ‬We have also been accredited with ISPO Certification‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬our operations are carried‭ ‬out using cutting-edge port equipment‭, ‬and we provide our people with specialized trainings to ensure maximum efficiency and operational excellence as well as exceptional customer service‭. ‬


In 2016‭, ‬SAFEEN clocked up over a million hours without‭ ‬“Lost Time Injury”‭, ‬how do maintain high safety standards for visitors‭, ‬clients and in work environment‭? ‬

Safety is a mainstay to our day-to-day operations and we are relentlessly adhering to international standards such as ISO 140001‭:‬2014‭, ‬ISO 9001:2015‭ ‬OHSAS 18001:2007‭ ‬and International Safety Management‭ (‬ISM‭). ‬Our HSEQ team has created an integrated and well-rounded system that maintains highest possible standards of health‭, ‬safety‭, ‬environment and quality‭. ‬We also invest in our people’s training to ensure they are best prepared to respond to potential challenges with confidence and resilience‭.  ‬