Nikki Beach assures privacy with the simple touch of heaven to Emirati Women


The UAE is considered a hub for many world-class hotels and resorts. Nikki Beach Resort and Spa is one of the largest resorts in Dubai offering a unique beach experience, especially with its spacious facilities and premium products that are specifically personalized to meet the privacy, culture and traditions of Emirati Women.

The white luxurious ambience

While considering the cultural diversity of UAE, the management of Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai took into consideration designing unique facilities to those who want to enjoy the unique experience privately. This was fulfilled by designing separate isolated villas equipped with large swimming pools to give ladies and families the opportunity to enjoy the beauty on the beach. These swimming pools are featured with the white curtained beach beds.

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai, you can choose between two categories of villas, the “Nikki Beach Villa” that consists of one bedroom and a living area along with a private swimming pool and the “Ultimate Beach Villa” fitted with a dining area and double sun-loungers. With a spectacular view over the Arabian Gulf, the three-bedroom Ultimate Beach Villa has a private entrance and is strategically located between the Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach Club and the Resort.

Captivating designs and a choice of the delicious dishes

The interior design of Nikki Beach Villas, the spacious room’s designs and the unique products captivate everyone and revive the feeling of tranquility. Furthermore, the allocation of rooms is designed in a way that makes them isolated from the outside, yet the resident can still enjoy the beautiful views and facilities around. The resort also offers a wide selection of the delicious dishes with a special delivery to villas residents.  The whole Nikki Beach experience will charm you and will leave you with beautiful memories till the rest of your life