A huge turnout at the 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017)


Outstanding success of the 3rd MARACAD prompts sponsors and strategic partners to renew their support for the event and its development to become a hub for innovation and creativity and a regional incubator for entrepreneurship in the maritime sector

Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime, the 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) was held yesterday at the Dubai World Trade Centre. MARACAD was held amid the UAE's comprehensive international campaign to rally support for its bid to join the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The event organisers succeeded in mobilising much support to guarantee the UAE's membership of the IMO Executive Council. Key officials attended MARACAD from IMO, headed by Dr. Dorota Lost-Sieminska, Head of Legal Affairs Office.

MARACAD 2017 is an exceptional national event and a comprehensive platform that motivated the UAE maritime sector. It was a networking event that brought together all stakeholders in the maritime economy to contribute to the UAE's strategic vision to establish an international hub for marine economy.

H.E. Dr. Al Nuaimi emphasized, “This event has emphasized the UAE’s unique infrastructure and marine investment environment, as well as its readiness to be a global hub for navigation and marine economy on a par with major maritime centres in Singapore, London, and other major hubs. What distinguished this year’s conference was the attendance of a high-level delegation from IMO, who reviewed the advancement of the UAE’s maritime system at the same time when we submitted our candidature for the IMO Executive Council under category B.” 

Al Nuaimi added, "Such conferences and exhibitions are important networking platforms for business people, experts and decision-makers to meet and discuss developments in the maritime sector, and make business deals. Their success is an important competitive value for companies in the UAE because they have the opportunity to gain more market share and expand their business globally. For this reason, we provide our full support to MARACAD, and are very satisfied with its continuous development every session."

A platform for Creativity and Innovation

Delivering the keynote speech, Dr. Abdullah Al Kathiri, Director General of the Federal Transport Authority - Land and Marine, expressed full support to MARACAD’s initiative, the UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation 2018.

He said, “While many talk about innovation and creativity in the marine industry, the move by MARACAD to launch this award has transformed ideas and intentions into an institutional project. That’s why, I’m confident that innovation and creativity will be part of a sustainable system. Today, we can confidently say that the maritime professionals and experts in the UAE will achieve global competitiveness with their innovation and creativity in the maritime industry. We hope the Award will develop in the future to become an incubator for creative maritime entrepreneurs and innovators.”

Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of DP World for the UAE Region, said, “At DP World, we are keen to sponsor and participate in MARACAD because we give special priority to innovation and creativity in the maritime industry and services. Creativity depends mainly on the human element in terms of attention and care as well as education and development. These aspects were extensively covered at the event. We will continue to support and sponsor every national initiative that promotes creativity, innovation and caring for the human element in the UAE. That’s why, we announced at the conference that we are committed to adopting all innovative and creative ideas and initiatives presented by people working in the national maritime industry. We will adopt all feasible ideas that promote competitiveness."

The human element comes first

The conference was attended by many experts and specialists who reviewed the most important issues and latest developments in the maritime sector, in terms of digital transformation and new legislation. The IMO delegation participated in a session that discussed caring for the human element.

Dr. Lost-Sieminska said: "IMO attaches great importance to the human element and has issued several laws and regulations requiring member states to take safety and protection measures to seafarers and crew working in offshore installations. With the developments in the maritime industry and the introduction of modern technologies and self-propelled vessels, the industry must develop the expertise and knowledge of marine crews, provide alternative job opportunities that suit their experiences and ensure their professional and career development.”

Dr. Lost-Sieminska commended the great interest shown by participants at MARACAD of the human element and their focus on development, training and academic education.

Commitment for continuous development

Dr. Alia Al Hussien, General Manager of Cham Events, the event organiser said, “We thank God for the outstanding success of the 3rd MARACAD. We thank the Federal Transport Authority - Land and Marine and all the sponsors and supporters for their unlimited support that made this event a success. We remain committed to continuing and developing this important event, which is a comprehensive national event that supports the UAE’s strategy to establish the world's best maritime cluster."

MARACAD 2017 attracted a large number of companies and specialists in the maritime sector. Over 400 maritime experts and experts attended the discussion sessions on the first day. Most companies participated in the accompanying exhibition where they showed their key products in marine services, education and training.