For the first of its kind in the UAE Dubai Marina Yacht Club excels with its glamorous Rally Program


A whole world of discovery is a head behind you. Imagine you set sail and explore the UAE coastline on one of the most enjoyable sea rallies. Ahmed Abdelhalim, Marina Operations Manager at Dubai Marina Yacht Club informed Marasi Yachts about the distinctive opportunities and enjoyable experience offered by rally program to the boat owners

By Effat Mostafa

1. Would you please tell us about the Rally Program and how did you get the idea?

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is known as a pioneer and trend-setter in the market. Since we are always prioritizing the club members’ interests, we wanted to create a boating community like no other in Dubai, which has now evolved over the years. Launched in 2010, the Rally Program is a series of sea and land rallies and social events organized exclusively for berth holders by our experienced Marina Team. The program includes land based events such as food tasting, seasonal gatherings and activities. We strive to encourage boat owners to enjoy and utilize their boats and offer new boaters a safe and well-planned opportunity to join a like-minded community. The Rally Program has brought together the members in an enjoyable, adventurous, and entertaining environment filled with unique memories.

2. What is the vision behind the Rally Program and what is its added value to the UAE market?

The Rally Program aims to educate and support members to build confidence in using and exploring different horizons with their boats in a more frequent manner. The continuous growth and development of the boating community and leisure maritime industry are further motivated by these kinds of programs. The program also contributes to adding destinations, creating new events and developing mutual grounds and synergies between the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and other marinas within the UAE.

3. There are a variety of destinations in your program, how do you choose these destinations and how far they are?

Each year, we go through a strategic selection of favored, feasible and enjoyable destinations for the upcoming Rally. The decision process is backed up by logistical elements and the facilities are extended to both short and long-range boat owners, staying within a range of 10nm up to 120nm and more. However, we must not deviate or lose sight of the main purpose of the program, which mainly focuses on enjoyable experiences and memories for each club member.

4. Who are the main target audience in this program and can non-berth holders join the competition?

The private berth holders are the primary target audience of the Dubai Marina Yacht Club Rally Program. Due to the growing popular demand of the rally program, we are proud of leading and organizing an annual event that expands to the entire boating community in the city.

5. How long is the Rally Program designed for and how many destinations does it includes?

The Rally Program season starts in September and concludes at the end of May. Currently, there are twelve Sea Rallies and other six events include 4 boating clinics performed by Yachting Training Institute, J.L.S.   

6. What are the challenges affecting the success of the Rally Program and how do you manage them?

The Rally Program requires tactical planning, unique selections and setting a timely methodology to ensure continuous success, stability and progress for future Rallies. That being said, the process thereafter runs smoothly to serve its purpose of fulfilling the expectations of the passionate boating community. I can say that we have managed to maintain the constant achievements of the program and we aim to boost our Rally Program as a crucial part of the UAE lifestyle culture.  

7. What does make Dubai Marina Yacht Club unique compared to other yacht clubs in the region?

The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is the largest marina in the Middle East and is strategically located in one of the most prime locations within the city. The club has been successfully positioned favorably within the community and amongst the members due to several essentials such as innovation in the conception of social events, the back up of a fully dedicated and well experienced team complimented by a sincere level of service and advice.