ENOC Lubricants strengthens the UAE’s sustainable development in the marine sector


The company is able to offer its customers with a comprehensive suite of lubrication solutions and cater to increasing customer demand, which in turn will facilitate the growth of the global maritime and shipping sector

By Malak AG

ENOC Lubricants has managed to establish a solid presence across the local and international markets and its operations span across 21 markets and over 80 ports. The group’s marine products has established a strong presence locally, and across Africa, covering some of the continent’s key ports in Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Dijibouti, Mauritania and South Africa.

ENOC Lubricants also provide technical support services to the international marine industry and it has an extensive portfolio of application-based lubricants, each designed to address the specific challenge of achieving optimum performance for the shipping industry. ENOC’s STRATA marine lubricant high quality and OEM compliant products cover all types of marine engines along with a complete range of products for other marine applications.

ENOC’s recent marine business projects

ENOC Group recently signed an agreement with Winspec Marine, Singapore’s leading provider of freight-forwarding and logistics. Burhan Al Hashemi, Managing Director, ENOC Marketing emphasized “The agreement enables Winspec Singapore to become a key distributor of ENOC’s marine lubricants in Singapore, enabling the expansion of the Group’s lubricants portfolio in one of its key markets. With the signing of this agreement, we will be expanding our services to customers in the Far East, which will contribute to the overall growth of the maritime and shipping sector in that region.”

Strong international presence

According to the Global Marine Trends 2030 report, the volume of seaborne trade is expected to double from nine billion tonnes per year to an estimated 24 billion tonnes by 2030.  The long-term economic growth in developing markets coupled with the shift in global demographics and population growth rates will drive demand for imports and commodities, which will ultimately have an impact on the maritime sector over the next decade.

In addition, more 913 million litres of marine lubricants are being sold every year across Europe, ME and Africa. Al Hashemi explained “This presents ample opportunity for us to expand our geographical presence across the marine and shipping industry. As a result, we continuously strive to offer our customers cutting edge services and solutions and high quality marine products and competitive prices.”

Al Hashemi also clarified “We also have capabilities that allow us to combine products locally in selective markets, which in turn maximize operational efficiency and ensure product availability in the local market.  Furthermore, our distributor network provides the local flexibility and responsiveness that many customers need.  Its business is built on strong customer relationships, and we work tirelessly to maintain our reputation for excellent customer service.”

Facing the current market challenges

ENOC is keen to develop a strong presence in the marine lubricants industry by ensuring maximum value delivery to clients at various locations. The company’s business success principles are mainly driven by offering high quality products, coupled with innovative service solutions and on time service. Al Hashemi commented “We will continue to establish strategic alliances across various delivery points, and will work with our business partners on address current and future challenges; including change of engine designs and other lubrication technology requirements.”

Another challenge is the fluctuation in oil prices and it has been a common trend in the last few years. Al Hashemi clarified “We noticed that the price fluctuation may impact the taxi type/ non-fleet marine operator decision makers to temporary extend drainage periods, but do not view this as a major challenge for ENOC clients. Our focus is to compensate clients by giving them high quality products and enhance operational excellence.”

Implementing environment friendly practices

ENOC follows the environmental regulations set by the International Marine Organization (IMO) in the delivery of environmentally approved lubricants in any emission control areas. Al Hashemi said “We also believe in strengthening the sustainable development of the UAE’s marine sector, given the strong reliance of the energy sector on it for transport of fuel and understand the significant need to apply sustainable best practices within the marine and shipping sector.”