Employee Safety Top Priority at Khalifa Port


Abu Dhabi Terminals, operator and manager of the Khalifa Port Container Terminal (KPCT) is celebrating 3 million hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury). As a remarkable milestone of work safety indicator, this achievement, showcases ADT’s continued commitment to the health and safety of its employees and operating environment.

Maintaining a zero-accident work environment, with a high number of no-LTI man-hours, is uncommon in the industry. This landmark could not have been achieved without a strong leadership emphasis on the importance of health and safety within the organization. This value, along with a progressive HSE policy, regular audits, and safety briefings for all employees, ensures that the highest levels of safety and vigilance are ingrained in the daily work routine at Khalifa Port. This not only benefits ADT employees, but also our international clients, in maintaining a seamless supply chain network.

The Senior Management at ADT dedicates itself in creating a workplace designed to protect those who operate there. Emergency drills, regular in-house safety and training programs ensure the most up-to-date HSE skills and knowledge at KPCT.

While marking this event, Mr. Martijn Van de Linde, CEO, ADT, said: “At ADT, we consistently prioritize safety and wellbeing in the workplace and this is evident at Khalifa Port. Every employee is kept fully informed with the latest health and safety procedures. It their commitment and attention to detail that has led to this great milestone. We are exceptionally proud of this achievement and as always, will seek to improve yet again going forward.”