Capt.Fekry: We have grown from strength to strength while facing the challenges of the evolving shipping industry


By Effat Mostafa

Red Sea Marine Management (RSMM) is an independent ship management company offering a comprehensive range of highly integrated ship management services such as Technical Management, Commercial Management and Marine Consultancy. Marasi News Magazine had an exclusive interview with Captain Gamal Fekry, CEO of RSMM to further discuss the company’s successful journey to maintain its achievements and profitability in the UAE competitive shipping market.  


  • Can you tell us about the services offered by RSMM to the shipping market?

RSMM provides a range of highly integrated Ship Management Services not limited to Technical Management, Commercial Management and Marine Consultancy services such as Pre-Purchase inspection and ship inspections.  We provide tailor-made marine business solutions to the Business Partners so as to meet their requirements for safe vessel operations and deliver a business success.


  • Can you elaborate more about the technical ship management services?

RSMM provides high quality technical ship management services in the Middle East region for tanker vessels (Oil, Chemical, Gas).  The organization operates all managed vessels in the safest and proper manner at optimal performance levels while ensuring it meets the requirements of its business partners, maritime industry and charterers.  A special attention to the business partners’ asset is maintaining a superintendent/vessel allocation ratio limited to 4.


  • What are your current priorities and plans?

RSMM aims to provide transparent management system for business partners with the accessibility to their vessels information through a secure password from the website.  The business partners’ assets are inspected at regular intervals by the technical superintendents to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard related activities. These reports are directly accessible to individual ship owners through our secured server.

We provide quality service in an efficient and cost effective manner by engaging competent and experienced shore and ship staff and engaging them to take ownership of the asset management and operation.


  • How does RSMM manage the Pre-Purchase Inspection?

RSMM carries out pre-purchase and independent vessel condition surveys on behalf of the business partners at cost-effective rates.  All the deficiencies with recommendations are provided to the business partners.


  • What about the Ship Inspection?

RSMM provides full support for Pre-Vetting inspections, independent audits for the business partners so as to provide the vessels compliance to the Safety Management System and its readiness for third party inspections.


  • What kind of support do you provide to your clients in Commercial Management?

RSMM provides exclusive support to clients in commercial management by providing strategic chartering options, contract negotiation, post-fixture functionality, demurrage and dispatch calculations, voyage reporting & analysis along with supply of marine fuels.


  • How do you evaluate the company's journey since its establishment?

The company’s journey has been very challenging but very rewarding to our principle to say the least. We have grown from strength to strength while also continue to face the challenges of the forever evolving shipping industry.


  • What are the company's recent achievements?

The company’s recent achievement is remaining profitable and continues to see fleet growth expansion while meeting the needs of the business partners. We are proud to have completed couple of years of operation without any Lost Time Injury highlighting the company’s high safety standards on board ships, while balancing maintenance costs. 


  • What are the main challenges faced by the company in respect to expansion projects?

The first challenge remain to provide competent and well trained sea staff and to meet various business partners officers who experience matrix requirements, especially a multi-cultural sea staff poses a challenge to human interaction; our efforts are concentrated towards team building and to promote a one team culture.  We adopt a cosmopolitan manning policy for officers and one nationality for ratings. The other main challenge is to cope with the ever increasing industry expectation to remain compliant with the increasing number of legislations and new rules and regulations as they unfold.


  • How do you guarantee implementing high safety standards?

I remain very confident that high safe operation sits with how competent, confident and dedicated your sea staffs are. By transferring the ownership of the safe operation to the Master and his crew, the vessel performance improves and business success is delivered.  Having the ownership of the day to day management of the ship shared with sea staff has boosted the confidence and performance of our sea staff and built a better retention ration with their sense of belonging to the company. It has also reduced our maintenance cost by having less services engineers and technicians visiting the ship.


  • How and when do you manage to gather the needed data to implement safety?

While at the shore support team, a lot of attention is given for receiving, integrating and monitoring data from fleet vessels and various office departments. The gathered data helps us to analyze prevailing trends and take effective measures periodically to elevate the quality and safety standard.


  • How did your company manage to add unique value to the status of the UAE shipping sector?

We play a significant role in increasing awareness of the shipping industry to the management of marine risks and have shared our experience and expertise with the industry in the best practice and continue to do so.


  • Does your company consider training Emiratis in the UAE as a tool for its future development?

Yes, if we are given the opportunity to train Emiratis, it would be our great pleasure, but we believe that role sits in the first place with the national Emiratis Company such as ADNATCO NGSCO and so on, but we will be delighted to be engaged in such initiatives as we are already doing with Saudi, Egyptian and Syrian junior officers.


  • How do you see the future of ship building industry in the UAE?

The UAE is positioned and inspires to be a world class maritime center hub and I feel strongly supportive to this role as they have all the necessary criterions and recipes for success, supported by the vision and dedication of their leadership which undoubtedly will boost the ship building facilities in the UAE and I feel very optimistic that the future will be very bright in the region because of the vision and the dedication we have experienced in UAE.