ART Marine turns your “yachting experience” into an enjoyable journey


Meier: Owning a yacht is no longer a burden yet it is a significant lifetime experience

ART Marine has achieved remarkable success in yachts and marinas management through providing its clients with world-class products, state-of-the-art facilities and personalized services. Operating from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt, the company has managed to fulfill customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

The Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Bruno Meier exclusively informed Marasi Yachts how ART Marine provides unique yachting experience to its clients.

By Hudoob Younis

1. Can you tell us about ART MARINE and what are your main services to the UAE market?

ART Marine is a leading service provider in the market. We are the marine leisure enterprise in the UAE, offering 360-degree services for the marine industry. We are operating through 5 divisions offering a number of products and services, such as: Yacht Sales, After Sales Services, Marina Management, Yacht Valet Services and Marine Products. Our aim is to cover all the growing demands of both current and future yacht owners in the market.

2. What are ART Marine Marinas future expansion plans in the UAE and the region?

Currently, we are operating nine marinas in the Middle East. We are working hard to expand our business scope and manage more marinas. We are currently looking at managing 4 more marinas in the region. However, the sky is our limit; we are always keen on offering our services worldwide. Our main goal is to be one of the global company in marina management services.

3. How do you see the yachting industry, the infrastructure and the marina facilities in the UAE?

The UAE is moving rapidly towards being a maritime hub. I think the country is on the right track and it will achieve a great success especially with the new developments and expansions in the marinas infrastructure. Furthermore, we need to promote the yachting lifestyle and inform people about the pleasure of owning a yacht.

4. What are the main challenges that ART Marine is currently facing?

Like any other company, we were affected by the downturn in the market. This has created some challenges that I believe have been fixed. Currently, there is a regional shortage in yachts berths above 30 meters in length. This is a temporary challenge, as there are a few companies that started to open new marinas with large berth spaces. Another challenge would be the restrictive procedures for buying, registering and using the yacht. That’s why I highly recommend facilitating these regulations to encourage owning yachts in the UAE.

5. What do you think yacht companies and main players in the industry can do to promote yachting and water sports activities?

From my personal experience, I encourage the governments and key players in the industry to establish more sailing clubs and sailing schools. We should encourage kids to learn sailing and practice water sports. I believe this will be a main factor in the development process of the yachting industry as a whole.

6. They are saying that “Owning a yacht is a hole in the pocket”, how do you perceive that?

“Owning a yacht is a hole in your pocket” is a statement I often hear, but I do not agree. I say, when you love you do not count.  When it comes to yachts, it is a love story. It is not about spending money over buying and maintaining a yacht, it is about enjoying a different lifestyle. In ART Marine, we offer integrated yacht management services in order to turn our clients’ yachting experience into an enjoyable journey.

7. Can you further elaborate on ART Marine Marinas engagement with the local society?

With the marinas we operate in the UAE, we interact with everyone as we organize a lot of events where everyone from the local community can join. We have an event named Wobbly Boat Race, where you can attend with your family as a team and you are given 3 hours to build a boat and then you have to launch her in the water and participate in a race. I believe it’s a great project that builds team work and spirit. In our events everyone is welcome to join and participate. I intend to promote our events in order to encourage the public to participate and get involved in the yachting lifestyle.