Al Yousuf Motors: Exceptional Boat Building with an Emirati Touch


In an interview with Mr. Mohamed Eqbal Al Yousuf, Deputy President - Marketing at Al Yousuf Motors, Marasi News discussed the company’s competitiveness in boat building, as well as services it offers to the UAE market. Al Yousuf Motors aims to become a pioneering brand and a synonym for reliability and best customer service in the region and beyond. 

Tell us about Al Yousuf Motors and its activities since establishment?
Al Yousuf Motors is part of Al Yousuf Group, which was established in 1953. The company works on achieving remarkable expansion, both in number of showrooms around the country, and in market positioning and relations with important clients. Al Yousuf Motors is the exclusive agent for Yamaha Motors in the UAE, offering the wide variety of Yamaha’s products to UAE customers, including but not limited to motorcycles, boats, and water vehicles.  We also own and operate Al Yousuf Industrial - Yamaha Boat Factory, the only plant of its kind in the Middle East and Africa regions. 
For over 60 years, we have been distributing Yamaha products, including motorbikes, ATVs, golf carts, as well as external marine engines, boats, and water vehicles. We have over 30 outlets around the UAE, and a large number of workshops and spare part centers, all specialized in Yamaha products.

What is your recipe for success in the UAE market?
As I mentioned earlier, our partnership with Yamaha, which represents the age-old traditions of fine manufacturing in Japan, has given us a strong position in the local market. Alongside our long years of experience, we have successfully built a complete and comprehensive production line, catering for everything in the sector from the smallest tools to largest engines. This also helped us when we started our own boat building factory, blending Emirati skill with Japanese standards. Our after sale service is yet another success story, as we offer our clients the peace of mind and the highest standards in servicing. 
Tell us about your boat building facility.
The facility was established in 1993 with the goal of developing local industries and national experience within this sector. We build boats in collaboration with Yamaha Motors, and in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. Our team is regularly trained by Yamaha experts.

Tell us about your facility’s products.
We have two production lines in our factory. The first is for luxury boats. We offer our clients innovative designs using research from Yamaha Motors. In order to take into account local factors pertaining to climate and marine life, these are conducted in collaboration with our local team. We also make sure the research team is well acquainted with the local culture in which sailing plays an important role. The second production line is for commercial boats, which offers our clients a wide variety of choice in fishing and sports boats. 
What is included in your after sales services?
We offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages including upgrade options for exterior design or special features such as the number of seats and lighting. We do our best to deliver only the best for all our clients’ requirements. 

Who are some of your most important clients in the UAE?
We are proud to serve royalty and the offices of our honored Sheikhs. Moreover, we offer our services to various government entities and large agencies such as the Ministry of Environment, Nakheel, and the Fishermen Association. Moreover, the diversity of our products allows us to cater for all social sectors, from young clients and fishermen to VIPs.