The 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo “MARACAD 2017” announces “The UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation 2018”


The 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) launches “The UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation 2018”, to cope with the country’s strategy to be an international maritime hub that attracts creative and innovative initiatives. The conference has successfully turned into an integrated platform that will motivate vital sectors such as Maritime Training and Education, entrepreneurship and the maritime big data 

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime, preparations are underway to launch the 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo “MARACAD 2017”. The event will take place in Dubai World Trade Center on 30 and 31 of October 2017. 
The Conference and Expo is one of the most important national events, aims at creating an integrated platform to motivate the maritime sector in the UAE, to connect all entities sharing interest in the maritime economy and to contribute to the country’s strategic vision to become an international hub for maritime economy. 
This conference also aims to support the UAE's candidacy for the membership in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Executive Office and it will witness the launch of the Maritime creativity and Innovation Award to support entrepreneurs and attract more companies to commence their operations in the UAE. 
Commenting on this, His Excellency Dr.Abdullah Al Kathiri, the Director General of the Federal Transport Authority for Land and Maritime said: “The maritime sector is witnessing an essential global transformation in terms of technologies that control ship management and operations and maritime facilities. This development comes to align with the new regulations that are being implemented in the shipping sector such as reducing ships emissions and ballast water management to prevent the environmental side effects harming marine organisms.” 
He added “The UAE’s government has adopted a comprehensive strategy to promote creativity and innovation in all of the government sectors and we must be in line with this, that’s why the UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation” is a very significant step to enhance maritime economy.” 
Eng. Waleed Al Tamimi, the Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) praised the launching of the award and considered it an important incentive that will motivate the innovation in the maritime sector. He emphasized, “We consider this award an ideal opportunity for us at TASNEEF to encourage all the companies and entities working in the maritime sector and enhance creativity and innovation. Being a society that issues certificates and defines standards and specifications for ships and maritime facilities, we are proud to adopt this approach to help creative people in the UAE and transform their initiatives into profitable and successful projects.”
Capt Gamal Fekry, the Chief Executive Officer of Red Sea Marine Management DMCC stated that: “Despite the huge growth in the region's infrastructure and investment sector from both the government and the major local shipping companies in the region; the industry still lacks the qualified national cadres to keep up with the current growth in the region. That’s why, the Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) is an excellent opportunity to tackle prominent issues especially in the maritime education and training to preparing qualified national cadres. The conference also aims at establishing a new generation of maritime Arab leaders to follow their ancestors who were leading the maritime trading’s sector over the years.”
An Innovative Conference and Expo
Drydocks World has significant experience in the field of maritime sector innovation. Mr. Mohammad Rizal, Chief Operating Officer, Drydocks World commented, “An innovative approach in the marine sector is essential for maintaining a position at the forefront of the maritime industry. The next few years will witness a new generation of vessels, smart equipment, communication and information-based systems that can be controlled remotely which will entirely redefine operating rules and marine operations. Natural gas and hybrid boats are important products that will have great opportunity of success in the next phase of innovation.”
Rizal further added, “We have many success stories in Drydocks World and believe the future to be promising. We are encouraged by the launch of “The UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation 2018”and will support those who have new innovative ideas in the maritime field and help transform their ideas into reality.”
Captain Hussam Suyyagh, the Conference Director explained, “The idea behind launching the “The UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation” came as a response to a number of useful discussions that took place between us, experts and decision makers in the sector. They requested having a special platform that will enhance this approach in the Arab maritime industry, adopts best ideas, and practices especially that the region is full of opportunities that we need to invest in.  We have decided to respond to this request and be a model for innovation and adopt creative ideas, that’s why we have announced launching the award.” 
Dr. Alia Al Hussien, Cham Events General Manager and the Conference Organizer commented on the preliminary feedback about the award saying: “Since we started the preparations for the 3rd Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD), we have exerted our effort to add value to the event to make it different compared to other events in the UAE. We aim at being a real driver to help maritime leaders develop their business, enhance their profitability and to defeat the challenges faced by some shipping companies.”
She added, “We have previously declared the launching the “Maritime Leaders Business Forum” that will create a platform for networking and exchanging business opportunities among the participants in the event either decision makes or maritime business leaders. This forum has encouraged us to take the extra step and declare the award. We made sure that the award will not just be an annual celebration; we want it to endure ideas and initiatives. We see the award as an ideal platform to gather the maritime academies, research centers, entrepreneurs and investors in order to create new capabilities and projects in the Arab maritime sector.” The conference will soon announce about the categories of the award, nomination procedures and the countries that will enter the competition in each category.