A new virtual co-pilot on your mobile device


Even for those of us who aren’t “millennials”, being connected to our mobile devices is a constant. We’re all used to the benefits of these devices; the familiarity of operations and the connectivity to our friends & family. This technology being integrated into our pleasure boating experience should not come as a surprise; what is a surprise is the innovation of the MAP product that made it possible.

The MAP (Marine Auto-Pilot) from MAP-Tech may share some common features found in other Auto-pilot systems however it is a unique product. With MAP, you can now load your navigational routes onto any Android, iOS, or Windows device easily from your sofa while you’re at home, while socializing with friends, or from just about anywhere!

 This navigation information can be shared via any mobile device to other boaters who are planning to join you at your favourite fishing or diving spot. After that, jump on the boat with your device in hand or attached to the console (or literally anywhere on the boat); select “go” and then watch your boat drive itself to that location, accurately negotiating each waypoint on your route, and giving you helm free operation.

Smart features

 MAP can do this because it has Wi-Fi and INS built into each unit. The MAP unit can easily be installed on any existing boat with a smart stick which relays navigational information to a designated steering pump. An additional feature of the system is a safe turning radius determined by vessel particulars and vessel speed. The user-interface is smart, safe and extremely fun to use, which was the primary focus for the MAP-Tech design team, whose engineering and software expertise comes from a pedigree of manufacturing high value USV systems for the military and for the maritime commercial sector.

Exalto Emirates has been the exclusive distributor for MAP since its inception.  Exalto Emirates has been in this market for over 20 years and distributes an array of electrical and mechanical parts and equipment from over 70 international manufacturers.  From 3 locations in the UAE and a dedicated service center Exalto Emirates is supplying throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent as well as providing installation and troubleshooting support, technical advice and commissioning services to their customers throughout the region.

With a large knowledgable staff, including full service technical and service divisions, Exalto Emirates can offer you complete support from the design phase, to installation, and after sales care. For more information about MAP-Tech, Please go to www.exalto-emirates.com