All Yemeni Ports Forced to Shut Down


Saudi-led forces occupying Yemen to fight against Houthis have plans to temporarily close all seaports, airports and land ports, according to Washington Post/AP.

Closures are set to be put into effect after a supposed Houthi missile struck far into Saudi territory on November 4, 2017, but was shot down over an uninhabited area.

Saudi-led coalition forces in response will cut off a lifeline of aid and fuel support to the Houthis, including at the seaport of Hodeida.

Whether they will let supplies pass through land crossings with Saudi Arabia and Oman is unknown.

The coalition said the closures would not be permanent.

Coalition forces have blamed the missile’s launch Iran, which assists the Houthis but has denied any involvement in missile launches, and the Houthis say they shot the missile in response to bombings killing civilians.

The Saudi-led coalition said this could be considered an act of war by Iran against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

US President Donald Trump also released a statement saying the act was “a shot taken by Iran.”

The UN Security Council in 2015 had approved an arms embargo against Yemen’s Houthis, when the coalition seized control after the president fled.