3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) attracts key players in the international maritime sector


MARACAD has become an effective networking platform for decision makers and international organisations in the maritime sector, to further develop the maritime academic sector and employ modern technologies

Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime, the 3rd Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) concluded yesterday at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The conference attracted 22 international maritime organisations, which made it an exceptional event for the maritime sector and a comprehensive platform for catalysing the maritime sector in the UAE. The event connects all stakeholders in the maritime industry to contribute to the UAE's strategic vision to establish a global hub for maritime economy.

MARACAD discussed several strategic topics including the maturity of the maritime legal system in the UAE and the region, and the impact of technology on the maritime industry in different areas. MARACAD was held amid the UAE's comprehensive international campaign to rally support for its bid to join the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Event organisers mobilised much support to guarantee the UAE's membership of the IMO Executive Council.

Strategic partnerships

Abu Dhabi Ports is one of the key organisations that work to develop maritime education and training. It entered into a strategic partnership with the Australian Naval College to develop Abu Dhabi Ports’ training programmes, which were also supported by the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime. These programmes play an important role in enhancing Abu Dhabi's position as a platform for managing and enriching technical and vocational training programmes in ports and maritime transport. These programmes are internationally accredited. Abu Dhabi Ports honoured the first batch of trainees who completed the first phase of the “Master of Coastal Waters” program that qualifies them to become captains in the future.

Abu Dhabi Ports’ sponsorship of the Maritime Academic Conference & Expo (MARACAD 2017) builds on its achievements in maritime education and training.

Commenting on their participation, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports stated that: “We are happy to sponsor the Maritime Academic Conference (MARACAD), which is the first of its kind in the region. Our presence at the event is aimed at showcasing our training and development efforts in the maritime sector. We have continued to encourage knowledge exchange through our internationally accredited training centre, Abu Dhabi Ports Maritime Centre, which facilitated the sharing of best practice in maritime to more than 408 trainees so far.”

International platform for decision makers

Commenting on the success of MARACAD 2017, Captain Hussam Suyyagh, the Conference Director said, "We are proud that MARACAD 2017 has promoted UAE’s membership in the IMO Executive Council, which will enrich the diversity of the maritime sector. We were keen to make this year’s conference an interactive platform that brought together leaders of the maritime industry from the government and private sectors, prestigious maritime academies, maritime experts, as well as NGOs, marine-technology developers, shipping and maritime law firms, business development consultants, as well as ship-owners and port operators."

Dr. Alia Alhussien, Cham Events General Manager and the Conference Organizer said, "Since the conference started, we have been in constant contact with participants to listen to their feedback and ideas to develop and enhance the conference’s activities to maximise the benefit for both participants and sponsors. We are proud that MARACAD 2017 has witnessed the launch of the Maritime Business Leaders Forum. This has transformed the conference into a platform for networking, building trade and scientific relations and exchanging opportunities among decision makers and business people in the maritime industry."

Al Hussien added, “As the maritime sector has always been a pioneer in coming up with quality ideas and projects, we have launched the UAE Award for Maritime Creativity and Innovation 2018. The award will recognise maritime professionals and experts in the UAE who will achieve global competitiveness with their innovation and creativity in the maritime industry. We hope the Award will develop in the future to become an incubator for creative maritime entrepreneurs and innovators.”

MARACAD 2017 attracted a large number of companies and specialists in the maritime sector. Over 400 maritime experts and experts attended the panel discussions on the first day. Most companies participated in the accompanying exhibition where they showed their key products and solutions in marine services, education and training.