ASM 42 offers unmatched experience featuring innovation with aesthetics


ASM 42 is one of Al Suwaidi Marine’s most popular products. It is a luxurious sports and family boat which combines innovation with aesthetics to offer an unmatched experience on the sea. The boat has been designed by the in-house engineering team to ensure increased speed, better fuel economy than conventional stepped hulls, and an all-around better ride.

The ASM 42 is hand fabricated and offers a center console that has amazing features such as a Bow Thruster for docking purposes, Side Door for Diving support, Outriggers for fishing, Close Bracket for Triple Engines, Dual Navigation Screen for a better view, Tanks for Fresh & Salt water, Auto pilot to make driving more simple, Stereo System, Extended Canopy, Battery Charger, More Storages and numerous other features.

The wider beam and increased surface area of the ASM 42 provides better stability and support. The boat is built with a combination of hand laid knitted uni and multi-directional fiberglass laminates with foam cored hull sides. The boat deck liner provides rigidity and safety with no compromise on performance.

Providing high quality products to its customers

Al Suwaidi Marine seeks to provide the best quality boats to their customers, with great emphasis on marine grade material, affordable prices, fast delivery in 1-2 months and easy control & maintenance. The ASM 42 promises a beautiful fit and finish with state-of-the-art construction, and the use and of the highest quality materials available. This excellent attention to detail combined with customized and timely after sales customer service makes the ASM 42 a worthy long term investment.

Since its establishment in Dubai in 2003, Al Suwaidi Marine has achieved an enviable reputation in the boating industry. The company has long realized the role of the sea as a source of wealth for the Emiratis.  The company started to focus on building fishing boats at highest international standards and affordable costs. Therefore, Al Suwaidi Marine has successfully emerged to new markets and established a new line for leisure boats.