Corporate Capital Completes Funding Partnership With Scale Operations Management


Corporate Capital Inc. a Long Island-based business lender confirmed a funding partnership with Scale Operations Management, LLC. The funding agreement is the latest in a string of contracts signed by Scale Operations Founder Andrew Ukpabi. 

Just last week the company confirmed via twitter an agreement with chargeback defense company, Chargeback 911 and Insureship, a shipping insurance company that helps businesses protect shipments of high ticket merchandise.

He explained, "I have several clients that need these specific services to help their businesses run efficiently, adding another funding partner was a no-brainer for me. This is the second funding partnership I've signed in the last three weeks. I'm serious about supporting small businesses." 

Ukpabi's firm provides detailed analytics and strategy and then uses it to actively execute management tasks for businesses of varying sizes while Corporate Capital Inc. can provide up to 3 million dollars in funding per cycle per client.

He confirms that this relationship has greatly benefited growing e-commerce companies that aim to compete with household names in Cannabinoid oil, Skincare, Weight Loss, and overall Health and Wellness products.