• Cargo theft: a billion-dollar problem

    The marine industry loses billions to cargo theft and cargo loss each year. Meanwhile, new technology is proving to be both a blessing and a curse, as cyber-piracy and digitalised theft are on the rise.

  • Crewless electric cargo ships may be on the...

    Companies team up to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship." SpaceX's drone landing ships have already proven that uncrewed vessels can handle some of the most dangerous jobs at sea. Now, two Norwegian companies are poised to put robo-boats into one of the most dull: hauling cargo down the fjord.

  • Taking underwater communications into the 21st...

    A NATO research organisation has created the first ever digital underwater communications standard. How will this – after almost a decade of development – change how people, and autonomous vehicles, communicate on the oceans?

  • From the limited capabilities to send SOS...

    New technology always contributes in making a positive difference in our lives. For many years, we have enjoyed the wide broadband internet connectivity that made our lives much easier.  Through this technology, the whole world became a small village in our hands. We were privileged enough to witness this revolution and enjoy “what is possible” in the broadband satellite connectivity world. However, 5 years ago this was not the case for people who were working in the sea and spending long time off land. They had very limited connection services, they could only send the SOS messages, text emails without attachments and very limited browsing ability.

  • Iran in need of petrochemical processing...

    All Iranian petrochemical projects need processing technologies imported from abroad. Since Iran has developed its gas industry, the need for gas-to-olefin, polymers, and engineered rubbers process technologies has significant importance now, according to Erfan Haji Ali Akbar, Iran representative at International Petrochemical Technologies​ (IPT Srl)​.

  • Peace Boat aims to build five more Ecoships

    Peace Boat’s target is to build five more cruise ships based on its Ecoship prototype as well as to retrofit its current vessel, its director and founder Yoshioka Tatsuya told Passenger Ship Technology in an exclusive interview.


IBM’s Blockchain Advances Through Singaporean Shipping

The Singaporean branch of IBM will now explore and trial proof of concept (PoC) blockchain-based supply chain business network innovations with PIL and PSA to achieve better security, efficiency, and transparency in regional supply chain business networks.