Legal & Regulations

  • ClassNK certifies chemical tanker for EU MRV...

    Classification society ClassNK has issued approval certification to Iino Marine Service Co Ltd. on successful assessment of an EU MRV Monitoring Plan for its chemical tanker CHEMROAD WING as an EU MRV verifier on 28th July. The issuance of this approval certification is a first for ClassNK.

  • Nuclear weapons contractors repeatedly violate...

    Plutonium capable of being used in a nuclear weapon, conventional explosives, and highly toxic chemicals have been improperly packaged or shipped by nuclear weapons contractors at least 25 times in the past five years, according to government documents.

  • The status of anti-corruption legislation in the...

    On 10 June 2017, Robert Bosch Middle East (“Bosch”) was the first company in the region to be awarded an anti-bribery certification by Tasneef-Rina Business Assurance. The standard implements best practices when it comes to fighting bribery and corruption, and contributes to the UAE’s goals of achieving transparency and creating a healthy business environment. As Tasneef has undertaken to shine light to an area many companies are directly or indirectly suffering from and we want to use Tasneef's initiative to bring transparency to this topic.

  • Collision Liability under Kuwaiti Maritime Law

    In maritime law, the term ’Ship collision’ is given when a physical impact occurs between two ships resulting in an accident which causes damage. The ship collision can occur between a moveable object, such as a ship, and a stable object like a quay or a floating structure like an offshore drilling platform.

  • First ship with IMO Tier III EIAPP certified...

    The launch of the L’Astrolabe, a 72 metre polar logistics vessel fitted with a complete Wärtsilä propulsion machinery package and Wärtsilä NOR (NOx Reducer) SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) exhaust gas cleaning systems for all the main engines, took place on July 12. This is the first vessel operating with the International Maritime Organisation’s IMO Tier III EIAPP (Engine International Air Pollution Prevention) certified Wärtsilä diesel engines.

  • EU MRV Regulations

    The European Union Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) of CO2 emissions from maritime transport regulation entered into force in July 2015. The regulation contains three parts 


Shipping 2030 Asia: The Innovation Imperative

At Wilhelmsen there is clearly an innovation engine going on, having seen Thomas fly drones around during Nor-Shipping. There is a perception that regulations stop innovation and we innovate to comply with regulations, rather than focusing on how we can actually improve something. What are your thoughts?


PwC sees regulations, security, others as threat to oil industry devt

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has identified over- regulation, insecurity and vandalism as the main problems of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. In its latest report, “Nigeria’s Refining Revolution”, the company called on the government to tackle these and others issues in order to place the industry in the path of sustainable development.


Oil Firms That Cheered Regulatory Cuts Are Quaking on Nafta

The Trump administration is easing environmental regulations and opening up territory for drilling as part of the president’s bid to unleash the “vast energy wealth” of the U.S. Yet Donald Trump’s push to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement could have the opposite effect.