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  • Oil Companies Defend Big Bets on Gas

    The world’s biggest oil companies have defended their giant bets on natural gas at a major energy conference, saying demand will soon emerge for the huge supplies of fuel they are bringing to the market.

  • Shipping Ministry to revert to royalty model for...

    The Shipping Ministry proposes to revert to the royalty model for deciding the award of public private partnership (PPP) contracts at Central government-owned ports to check scope for “manipulations” by private terminal operators when they get freedom to set rates after the port trusts are converted to Authorities.

  • Getting the UAE to number 1 in the shipping...

    The maritime industry in the UAE is constantly evolving and the UAE is now ready to voice its ambitions to become the leading international shipping hub. In this article we tackle what makes the country number 1 in the shipping industry and comment on what the UAE is doing to improve its position as the world maritime centre and to get ahead of its competitors.

  • Collaboration for Future Ready Shipping

    “No stakeholder, alone, can deal with the complexities the planet faces in addressing the challenge of climate change”, said IMO’s Director of the Marine Environment Division, Stefan Micallef, as he opened the joint Singapore-IMO International Conference on Maritime Technology Transfer and Capacity-Building also known as Future-Ready Shipping Conference 2017, held in Singapore (25-26 September).

  • Shipping’s new technologies will help address...

    A ship owner investing in a newbuilding today has in front of him a flurry of options to consider in order to comply with the upcoming new regulations. In a recent weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “an undoubtedly interesting market lately is the newbuilding market, in which we are witnessing numerous orders across all sectors and sizes. 

  • Jamaica Deposits Instrument Of Accession To The...

    Jamaica deposited its instrument of accession to the Ballast Water Management Convention on September 11. Ballast water is used to control the stability of a ship to ensure its safe operation when it is empty or partially loaded, and the convention seeks to prevent and reduce the transfer of harmful aquatic species and pathogens carried in ballast water.


WWL ASA fleet ready for new CO2 regulations

The MRV Regulation (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2) is part of EU’s regulatory strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which for shipping are 98% CO2. It requires ship owners and operators to monitor, report and verify CO2 emissions for vessels larger than 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) calling at any EU and EFTA (includes Norway and Iceland) port.


Growth in Blue Denmark through new regulations

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget) has adopted a number of new initiatives in the maritime area which will, inter alia, make it easier to keep and ensure growth in Danish maritime activities and boost the pleasure craft business.


Spend oil proceeds wisely - Government urged

Mr Ishmael Ejekumhene, the Executive Director of the Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment (KITE), has called on government to stick to regulations governing the spending of oil proceeds as passed by parliament.


Making “Voyage Together” vision a reality

Better implementation of IMO standards, improving capacity building, enhancing the performance of the Secretariat and promoting a global approach and awareness are the cornerstones of IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim’s vision for the London-based United Nations agency.


Is there a lack of confidence between shipping companies and financial institutions?

The shipping industry has found itself in the middle of a global financial crisis at a time when the supply of ships exceeded‭, ‬even greatly‭, ‬the demand for ships‭. ‬This has led to a huge decline in freight rates for just about every type of ship‭, ‬creating a‭ ‬great number of non-performing loans for the banks that prior to 2008‭, ‬inebriated by the high freight rates and booming new-building market‭, ‬had hugely invested in ship finance‭. ‬