• BIMCO CEO Extends Contract Five Years

    BIMCO's Secretary General & CEO, Angus Frew, will extend his contract to the end of 2022. His top priority in 2018 will be environmental legislation. Over the past four years, Frew has been instrumental in modernizing BIMCO and in increasing its member-focus. 

  • U.S. Lab Suspends Testing of Ballast Water Systems

    The University of Maryland's Maritime Environment Resource Center (MERC) has decided to stop testing ballast water management systems, citing alleged flaws in testing standards. MERC will complete the testing for which it is currently contracted, but it will suspend all future testing for BWMS.

  • Wärtsilä VER system saves oil tanker cargo losses...

    The technology group Wärtsilä is introducing its Voyage Emissions Reduction (VER) system as a means for increasing oil tanker revenues, while also significantly aiding the environment through reduced emissions. The system effectively eliminates the problem of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from tankers during laden voyages.

  • Cargo ship woes raise concerns for crew,...

    A cargo ship that went adrift off the Newfoundland coastline Sunday night has raised many safety concerns, both for the crew and the environment, says an inspector with the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

  • Gazprom Group’s Comprehensive Target Program for...

    The Gazprom Management Committee approved the 2018–2022 Comprehensive Target Program for the Development of the Integrated Information Environment of the Gazprom Group. The Company’s relevant subdivisions are tasked with implementing the Program.

  • Sustainable shipping and environment of the...

    BONUS SHEBA has resulted into significant new information related to the recent development of shipping scenarios and impacts of shipping in the Baltic Sea. In collaboration with other BONUS projects looking at other sectors, scenarios are also being developed for shipping within Shared Socio-Economic Pathways for the region.

  • Marine Insurers Join the Fight Against Illegal...

    Environmental NGO Oceana and a group of leading marine insurers have released a statement on safeguards to reduce the threat of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. The group has commited to implement and promote due-diligence processes that will make it harder for blacklisted fishing vessels to find insurance coverage.


Wilhelmsen: Considerations for scrubber retrofitting

Looking at current conditions of the industry and expected cost and availability of low-sulfur marine fuel after two years, we expect many shipowners will consider the option to retrofit exhaust gas scrubbers for their active vessels.


First installation a success: GADCOOLER(TM) saves fuel and reduces emissions

The new GADCOOLER(TM) ship cooling technology provides major energy savings in generating ship cooling. Primarily intended for cruise ships and passenger ferries, the product is a smart solution to cut fuel costs. It uses existing onboard excess waste heat sources to provide chilled cooling water for the vessel’s air-conditioning needs, thus replacing the need to run onboard cooling compressors.


Shipping Heat Index: Time For A Winter Warmer?

At this time of year, icy conditions are not uncommon, but the warmth of the festive season is usually enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Going into this year, shipping market activity might have still felt pretty iced up for many, but increased activity in a number of core areas in 2017 has seen the shipping market temperature rise a little…


Re-Cycling: Taking A Tour Around Demolition Trends

In 2017 so far, as some sectors have begun to move away from the bottom of the shipping market cycle, demolition levels have declined year-on-year. However, with a range of factors at play, many believe recycling volumes are likely to remain at elevated levels in the medium term. This month’s Shipbuilding Focus takes a look at how recent demolition trends have panned out across the key sectors.